Novation Impulse/Automap

I just bought a Novation Impulse controller, installed the Automap software and it doesn’t appear in the devices menu. I uninstalled all the Automap software and it’s working perfectly as a midi keyboard. Anyone got Automap working with Nuendo 6.5 (64)/W8 (64)?

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your thread.

What operating system and version of Automap have you installed?

Are you connected to a hub at all? If so please remove this and connect the Impulse directly to a dedicated port using the supplied cable. Eventually try another cable and or port.

Do you use any further devices or software? Make sure to remove/ close all these and use only the minimum required to operate with your Impulse.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or our support online, should you need further help.

With best regards,

Marcell // Technical Support Engineer

Hey Marcell,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve ended up using the Impulse purely as a keyboard controller. I found the Automap software pretty invasive and if the Impulse didn’t mount correctly it caused quite a bit of trouble stability wise.

I will, however, give it another shot when I have a gap.

Thanks again,