Novation Launch Control XL: no-code setup

I unboxed my new Novation Launch Control today. I followed the recipe in the excellent Dom tutorial video, and could quite easily set up pan/ volume/ track selection/ mixer bank navigation etc.

At first I got no MIDI signal after plugging it in, but found this combination to work:

The only feature I am missing at the moment is custom icons, and perhaps LED color control, but I want to keep things simple. My first impression is that this controller is easy to get started with without coding, and that the Cubase mapping assistant works great! I am using the default factory template, no driver installation was necessary.

PS! I am aware of the other Launch Control threads in this forum, which I believe are mainly script focused. I just wanted to share my simple no-code approach, and point to the superduper video Dom made.

PSPS! I find the Novation HUI tutorial confusing. Is the HUI way still valid in Cubase 13?

Sure. But since you’ve used midi remote, I see no reason to get into it :slight_smile:

Of course it is. Especially when we don’t need sysex msgs for display and color manipulation.

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Well, it was not obvious to me that this would be easy. Judging from the comments here and there, one can easily get the impression that many controllers are troublesome to set up with Midi Remote, including the Launch Control. From a noob perspective, it is also confusing that a lot of the previous efforts are script based, which as you know generates a lot of “support tickets” for the script authors :slight_smile:

Anyways, my motivation for this post was mainly to exemplify that Midi controller setup in Cubase 13 can be as simple as Don shows in the video.

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Most of the time, scripting was necessary to either send feedback to displays, or to add a bit more complex layers, for example knobs executing different functions based on the movement direction, and buttons used to provide alternative functions when pressed with other ones.

It’s always nice to see positive posts :slight_smile:

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