Novation Launchkey 88 Remote Mapping

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to setup the launchkey 88 so that cubase provides feedback to the controller regarding button colours and mapping information to display on the screen?

For example in the included remote script for the controller there are buttons for record enable which are coloured red and when activated light up brighter and also the controller reflects what you do in cubase. So if you click with mouse and record enable a track the controller shows the change regarding the brightness of the button. Is there a way to do this for custom scripts? These options dont appear to be available in the components software. Or to even not light up at all when functions off and then to light up the assigned colour for that function when activated?

Also how do i get the mapped function info that is shown in the midi remote to show on the controller lcd when pressing a button or moving a knob/fader? Is this even possible? If so can you edit the text to something shorter?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @danmickread, are you talking about making custom “overmappings” while using the provided factory script? Or are you creating a whole new script using the Surface Editor?

Hi, i was using overmappings as well as factory script?