Novation Launchkey Mapping

HI all.

I recently purchased the Novation Launchkey 49 MK II. I knew it woiuld have some integration issues with Cubase, as it is specifically designed for use with Ableton, but even so, it seems to be the best MIDI controller in my price range.

However, in the documentation it says that the keys output on midi channel 1, and the pads output on midi channel 10.

When i use the keyboard through the Halion Sonic desktop app, this is true, as the pads correspond to midi chanel 10. But when I load up Halion, or any vst for that matter, inside cubase, the pads become fixed values starting at C2, and come through on MIDI channel 1. Is there any way to seperate the pads to work through channel 10 within cubase?

Furthermore, is it possible to map the pads to a sepereate instrument that uses MIDI channel 10 and is armed at the same time as the MIDI channel 1? So I can use both at the same time without interfering with each other.

I have been using Cubase for years but MIDI and routing is relatively new to me, I have tried looking this up to no avail. Thanks for any help in advance.


You can add 2 separated tracks in Cubase. Then use MIDI Input Transformer to distinguish which incoming channel should be accepted by which track.

By default Cubase is recording the incoming data from all MIDI Channels.

I can’t find the input transformer. I’m using Cubase Elements 6, am I missing it?


Input Transformer is in Cubase Pro only.

Can anyone recommend a similar quality midi controller to the Novation Launchkey MK2 49 but with better integration with Cubase?


What kind of integration would you expect? From my point of view, Novation controllers have quite unique keyboards. I often have had one just because of the keyboard. So if you like this keyboard, you should stay with it and buy a controller.

Thanks for reply. I am new to these newer keyboards. What is unique about the Novation keyboards? I just got one. I do like the feel of the keys. But not sure whats unique.


Exactly this is unique on the Novation keyboards, I would say. The feeling of the keyboard.