Novation Launchkey sending continuous MIDI input to Dorico

Anyone have a work around or fix for a continuous “heart-beat” message being written into Dorico when I have both Dorico and Cubase open? Evidently in Cubase this is a communication thing between the controller and Cubase and doesn’t affect the DAW input. But when I have both open at the same time, which is how I would like to work in certain situations, that heart beat is being written continuously into Dorico. Any suggestions greatly appreciated…

Try activating Filter out MIDI controllers on the Play page of Preferences.

Thanks Daniel, I had high hopes, but alas, it is still inputting quarter notes at 60bpm.

Can you disable it as an input device in the list of MIDI input devices on the same page in Preferences?

Well yes, that did solve the problem, but created another. Now I cannot use the Launch key to input at all, of course, which is why I would like to have both Dorico and Cubase open at the same time.

Any other options?



I am working this from the Novation end as well, but they are pretty much at the “Hmmmm…” stage in terms of being helpful

I’m afraid I don’t know what else to suggest. Is the MIDI actually being sent from Cubase and then ending up in Dorico?

I don’t think so. It’s coming from the novation launch key. The folks at novation said it was a heartbeat message to maintain communication with Cubase . But, it also seems to be being sent to Dorico. It seems everyone is stumped…

It’s a bit curious that it is a note message, isn’t it? It’s actually inputting a note into your score if you have the caret visible, once every second?

Indeed. As soon as I open “write” mode. Then, even if I close out “write”, it continues to input. I have reached out to Novation again to see if I can operate the controller without that heart beat message. They are, however, not prone to offer more than “here, read this cool article…” in terms of support. sigh