Novation launchpad and launchkey mini, cubasis Android

Hi, I’m having some issues with Novation launchpad mini and launchkey mini, when I start recording and press any binded key it freezes ,this only happens with binded keys , I know the problem is cubasis android because it works perfectly in IOS and my desktop DAW(Ableton, cubase), please fix in the next update.

Hi @Carjm,

Thanks for your message.

Our engineering successfully managed to use the LaunchControl XL with Cubasis, using a Google Pixel 2 device.

To further exchange about your issue, please let us have more details about your case:

  • Android device
  • Android OS version
  • How do you connect the Launchpad / Launchkey to your Android device (cables, adapters…)?
  • Under Setup / MIDI, is Mackie / HUI disabled? (should be)
  • Please specify the binding that causes the freeze during recording, which key did you MIDI learn to which button (or UI element in the app)?
  • A screenshot of the MIDI learn mode (where we can see the binding) and the MIDI setup would help, or even better a video

To share files with us, please upload them via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.

& stay well,