Novation Remote SL/Automap & Cubase 7

I’ve just got Cubase 7 and I’m enjoy playing with the new features. Up until Cubase 6 I’ve been using Novation Automap with a Remote SL.

After installing Cubase when I tried to add a Novation Automap device in Cubase it wasn’t listed but after re-installing Automap it was listed but after adding it it’s not working. I’m guessing this is down to Novation to fix though.

However, I’d really like to continue using my Remote SL but really like the idea of getting rid of the Automap wrappers on the VSTs so I’m wandering if it’s possible to set up the Remote SL with Cubase remote control? I’ve looked in the Remote Control manual and the list of supported devices is pretty small, however Mackie HUI is listed and there is an Automap HUI option, maybe something can be achieved there?

Also if this can be achieved through Cubase’s Remote Control could the transport controls & access to the mixers and other settings still be maintained through the Remote SL?

I’m guessing the answer is to wait for a new Automap which works with Cubase 7 or switch controllers but it would be nice to continue with this controller and make use of the new Remote Control system which looks very nice.

Hi Dublemon,

I own Remote 37 SL. After 5 years I decided to quit Automap. To be honest, I never needed the whole bunch of knobs of an VST instrument on my Remote for producing.

So the first step I recommend: use the 8 Quick Controls of Cubase. This works really easy and very very quick!
After that, make a template with the Novation Template editor and put your favourite editing features of Cubase permanently to the other knobs, sliders and so on… Load it up in to a User Template Slot to your Remote SL.

So now you have easy access to zooming inside projects, quantisation, VST, Windows, Automatistation, ZAP Mem., anything you like. I’m very glad with that solution. Never needed back Automap…

The idea of Automap is very good but in practice you are often busy with configuring that one. Let’s make music. :wink:

If anyone needs I can upload that template for Remote SL.


Interesting but if I’m understanding you right are you saying you can get the transport controllers and such to control Cubase’s transport by using it as a generic midi controller? If so how do I assign say the Play button to Play in Cubase.

The transport buttons I use all the time and would be very sad to loose them.

automap works fine here with C7 and the SLMkII, both automap enabled plugs and as remote control device.

Hmmm, we’ll I was using automap 3.5, I’ve just upgraded to 4.6 and my Remote SL is listed in there as working but it’s not on the list of supported devices (Remote SLmk2 and Remove SL Compact are but not original Remote SL), surely they’ve not dropped support for that? It seems to be recognised in Automap :frowning:

I’ve made a little bit of progress, after some turning off and on it eventually asked me to update the OS on the keyboard, that’s worked now and now the keyboard is reading values from Cubase so I can see all the names of the mixer channels, etc but it won’t change/control them in cubase :frowning:

hi dublemon

if you install the 4.6 then go to the automap server and point the location folders for vst folders in c6 to youe c7 plugs (c7 not allowed atm)then all plugins will be wrapped … go through the full c6 setup and then open c7 and all your plugins will work … if you go to setup devices in cubase ,setup devices only operates the mixer and instruments but the scanning of c6 and c7 plugings will work automap 100%


Cubase Transport Buttons are not an Automap feature. They also work in “normal” midi mode. Yes it runs as “generic midi controller” in Cubase.

Anyway. I was sick of loading every plugin twice as wrapped automap plugin. also there were often Cubase hang ups on finishing the programm. Now that is history. :wink:

You assign by giving the buttons inside Template Editor a Midi-CC Number. That Number you link inside generic midicontroller in cubase to a function of your choice. maybe the new zap-mem feature or transport or what else…

i think the op is after help with a very good system , just because it didn’t work for you there is no need to be off putting towards what the op is asking help for . there are solutions to problems ,you didn’t find them so move on !

BTW: VST2 Plugin Manager

Thought \I would jump in on this thread

I am just about to by A SL Mk2 and this thread has made me a little worried. I would like ot use C7, I do have C6 too. I have quite a few plugins inc

Play several packages
VLS strings
Spectrasonics (all three)
Halion, Halion Symphonic orchestra
Kontakt 5
NI B4 (which I run J bridged)

My current view is that

a] maybe automap may work - if I am lucky and tweak the directory pointers
b] There will be an automap update fairly swiftly
c] If all else fails I can assign a knob at a touch
d] There is no better controller on the market

Am I wrong???

Great thread, thanks.

I agree with main point from sonicassault…
I want to switch my Zero SL mk2 to just operate cubase 7.5 quick controls (for VSTs)
Bit also like transport controls and mixer (for at least the volume sliders).
I think that means using SL mk2 without automap… ie should i configure in advanced mode?
Is that what you mean by “normal mode” / generic midi controller… no automap or do with automap?

Related question in Cubase 7.5… seems to be 2 sets of quick controls… 8 for VST and 8 for track? No explanation in documentation?


Advanced mode programming (with the SL template Editor) is a nice way to Bypass automap. It allows things you cannot do with automap, e.g. let controls send on different midi channels!

If you do not Need this (and you DO NOT Need it - by the way - if you intend to let it work as a generic remote for whatever purpose or for using it to control the quick controls in cubase) the simplest way to accomplish what you want is to use automap-midi and the cubase learn function.

There is of course no “Auto mapping” going on then, but who cares.

Cheers, Ernst

I bought a SL MK2 to use with cubase and VSL/VEP. I got it to work fine with Cubase 6 (before 7 was out) but it was a nightmare with Vienna Instruments Ensemble Pro 5 and VSL. I would really stay away from it. If you install and want to delete the Automap plugs you have to do so manually also.

Hi you,
in the recent years I worked with some different Controllers: MCU, Behringer BRC2000, Novation SL61, Zero SLMkII, Euphonix McMix and Euphonix McControl.

For Controlling Cubase the Euphonix Controllers are my favorites - even though the Mackie was excellent as well.

I ALWAYS added other Controllers to my Setup, like the Behringer BCR2000 to make things more comfortable (directly accessable). I programmed a generic remote for the BCR to control the control room and … the “seleted channel” (eq, etc.).

These two aspects are currently in my Setup covered by the Zero SL - via automap midi.

For Controlling VSTis and Effects I highly recommend the quick controls (I have the Instrument quick controls assigend to the Zero SL as well). Here’s why:

Initially I intended to set up the Controllers for “all my instruments”. This is a nightmare. and it takes the Focus away from making Music. There had to be a more “just in time” way to decide, what Parameters i want to control (honestly, usually one does not know in advance!). And here the quick controls come in Handy.

Today I only would use Automap or a modified Controller assignement for instruments, that I use on and on with their full Parameter set. The decidions for this has to be taken “just in time” - this way I avoid investing time in “programming” things that I do not use ore Need muscially.

Cheers, Ernst

Got Novation SLmkii to work the quick controls in Halion at last. (Using Automap)
I have Cubase 8.5, Halion Sonic 2, Automap 4.9. My keyboard controller has 61 keys. Windows 8.1
The most important thing is to make sure your Halion VSTis are scanned by Automap, which involves

  1. Automap server > Software Setup > Setup VST Paths…

  2. use + to add to list, especially where the VSTis are, such as
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg

then close

  1. Hit “Setup Cubase 8” in the Automap server. Just follow what it says, except you don’t have to redo the device setup if you did it before.

  2. Automap server > Mixer/Plugin Settings > HALion Sonic
    You highlight that item in the list.

  3. (If necessary) Set SL mk ii to “inst” by pushing the inst button (as opposed to the “mixer” button, for example)

  4. You may have bass station 2 installed, or some other instrument defined, so we have to choose which instrument to map. Look at the LCD display, and buttons light up under your choices. Push the red-illuminated button under what looks to be halion sonic.

  5. Automap server, where we left off in step 4… > Edit Mapping
    A map editing window appears on your computer monitor. Red/black/white/grey colors.
    In the picture of the keyboard controller, click on the control you want to map. I want to map QC1 (= quick control 1) to the leftmost, bottom knob on the SLmkii. So I click on the picture of it in the Edit Mapping display on my computer monitor.

In the bottom section of that edit mapping window there’s a drop-list on the left. I click on “S1 QC1” to make the assignment. And so on with the others, if necessary.

  1. Save the mapping to hard drive, if it makes you feel better. It makes me feel better.

  2. In any case, you should be able to turn those knobs now, and HALion responds just like in all the happy videos from Steinberg. It may not pick up until the knobs and screen values match, but it does look like that when it’s working.

Also, I once had it screw up the sound royally, but then I loaded a different HAlion program and it was OK, then I went back to the one that was messed up and it worked fine.


I’m a bit curious how you made this work … i tried as generic control, quick change but i have no feedback into the zero zl despiste the fact i put the transmit flag. Output is “Zero sl”.


got my own answer … without automap, no led feedback …that’s all folks … bye bye automap ! :imp: