Novation xmas giveaway

Stuff to win from good ol novation…

Pls use this link:

(Might increase my chances to win or something…idk…whatever… thx;) )


I see there is a Focusrite one too!

Nice 1 dave:)


Here’s my link if you want to use it:

Cheers for sharing, entered :slight_smile:

Good luck strophoid, dave n all:)

Good luck back at you all!

I never win these things so will head off to write a depressing song about never winning with my existing gear :smiley:

That would’ve been a great ‘what will I do if I win’ reason :slight_smile:


Cheers guys…

I actually won one of the free advanced soundtoys courses up for grabs yesterday… seems it IS possible to win on these things :smiley: