November Music Font

I have installed the November 2.0 music font on my mac book (Sierra) and have used in Sibelius for a while now. I want to use the font in Dorico, but it does not appear in the music font menu. Is there a way to fix this?

I’m on windows, but couldn’t find the November font listed either, so, researched a bit and made it work by putting a copy of the file “november2_metadata.json” into “…\dorico\fonts\metadata”. It’s probably different on Mac. Also, it seems to work, but I would rather wait for the official solution…

As far as I know, this is the official solution for Windows.

On mac, at least for the time being, the correct location for the metadata file is:

Robert Piechaud, the developer of November, expects to release a new update, version 2.1, very soon that includes support for putting the metadata files in the places Dorico currently expects to find them. Those locations will change soon (perhaps in the next update) to reflect the proper locations that SMuFL-compliant fonts are supposed to use.

You’re absolutely right, Daniel !
November 2.1 has full support for Dorico, and the installer takes care of anything necessary for a smooth experience.
I expect 2.1 to be released in a couple of week.
Also, there +200 new glyphs, a improved documentation (with new French section) etc.

Stay tuned!

Robert, is there any news about the November 2.1 update? I’ve not had an email notice…

A quick note to anyone who has already bought November2. Robert has indeed released a 2.1 version, with better support for Dorico.

I didn’t receive notification of it, but if you re-download the font (using the link and user/password in your purchase receipt email), then you get the latest version.

Thanks for your note and instinct!
I would never have thought to check that…

Really strange the silence of the seller. The update seems to date back to the last December.

Well, I received an email, on Feb28, from the November font seller ^^
It looks like someone is reading the forum !
Funny, because I already owned that 2.1 version :slight_smile:

Pardon my ignorance here, but how does it work using a different music font in Dorico? I’m really curious to potentially buy a different music font (I like Bravura a lot but I’m interested in crafting a more unique house style). The thing is, I’ve never done it before. I’m guessing you install the font as mentioned above and then type the characters you desire as unicodes?

You can really only use SMuFL-compliant music fonts easily with Dorico at the moment, and the list of such fonts is relatively small. It includes Bravura, which comes with Dorico; November, which you can buy from Klemm Music in Germany; a handful of fonts you can buy from; Aloisen New, the font that comes with Overture 5; and possibly one or two others. Only those fonts that also ship with the recommended metadata files that are installed into the correct location will work without any additional steps in Dorico, and I believe of the above fonts, only November and the fonts from fit the bill.

Once you have installed the font you want to use, go to Engrave > Music Fonts, and provided everything is installed correctly, you’ll see your new font listed there along with Bravura. Choose your new font from the list and click Change Font, then click OK.

Hi everybody,

I installed the november2.1 font on my system but it can’t seem to get it working.
It came with the installer, did everything by the book.
I restarted my system, looked in the dorico font directory only to find there was no .json file in the metadata dir,
so I copied the november2_metadata.json to the desired directory.
After restarting the system and dorico I still only have the bravura font installed…
Strangly it the november2 font appears in the font style menu
here I can select default music font: November2, but when when I try to change the font style meny notehead, I can’t get it to show november2 font, so I get clefs from November but notehead bravura…
Please help.

Kind Regards
default music font.png
mixed result.png

Trying the following: Rename the november2_metadata.json file to november2.json.
The metadata .json file should be installed per the SMuFL spec:

Thank you very much, that did it…
kind regards

Hey everyone,

I just bought November 2. I did everything that was instructed, but I cannot see the font in Engrave → Music Fonts. I can select it in Character Styles and in Font Styles, but if I would edit everything in Font Styles, I do not think it is easy to revert back to Bravura default.

As instructed, I put the files in the following folders:

Program Files → Steinberg → Dorico → fonts : November2.otf

and both (because I do not know which one should be working:
Program Files → Steinberg → Dorico → fonts → metadata : november2.json
Program Files → Steinberg → Dorico → fonts → november2 : november2.json

(So, I removed the _metadata following composerjk’s suggestion.)

Unfortunately, Manolito, all of those locations are wrong! November comes with an installer, does it not? You should find that if you simply run the installer everything is put in the correct place. The OTF file needs to go into the Windows Fonts folder, and the november2.json file needs to go into a specific location that is (I think) C:\Program Files\Common Files\SMuFL\Fonts\November2\november2.json – but you don’t need to worry about doing this yourself as the installer that Robert has made for his font will put everything in the correct place.

I ran the installer and it did not work. Then I followed fratveno’s instruction (Nove 27, 2016 on this thread).

I was not aware of the new location. Renaming november2_metadata.json to november2.json there did the trick.

So, I guess the installer should need an update (I used version 2.1.0).

Thank you!

Hi Manolito,

I will certainly check this metadata potential location issue shortly.
Further maintenance update will certainly take this into account.

Great if you could fix it manually, but as Daniel said, the installer is supposed to do the job!

I hope you’ll enjoy the font, and sorry for this little inconvenience.