Novice question - UR22mkII and Cubase AI9.5 to export audio properly

I’m new to audio interfaces and any audio software/driver things. But I have tried to brief myself so I can ask my question properly. I just bought a UR22mkII (which I installed) which came with Cubase AI 9.5 (which I’ve activated and played with a little). I use Windows 10. I only have one objective really which is to record acoustic piano with one condenser mic and be able to send the audio file to friends. I don’t have monitor speakers or headphones (at least yet) for the UR22. Even though w/o monitors or headphones, I was hoping I could record with the mic and then export that audio as a wav or mp3 file which could be easily shared by anyone. I don’t really understand how drivers work exactly, but the exported file has no sound no matter if my Steinberg UR22 is hooked up or not and no matter how I set the drivers (Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, Generic Low Latency, or none). My usual computers speakers play sound as usual otherwise just fine. I hope I’m just doing something obviously dumb and the solution is simple ??? Thanks for getting back to basics for me.

So the recording in Cubase is fine? You can see the waveform you’ve recorded and everything?
You don’t need the UR22 for exporting your recording to wav or mp3, only for recording the mic. So if the recording is fine then the problem is not with the UR22 or its drivers. However, if you want to hear the result of your recording in Cubase then you would need headphones or speakers connected to the UR22. Or, alternatively, for playback you could try the generic asio driver in Cubase, which will work with your regular computer speakers. You’d have to switch between the 2 drivers each time you record and play back though.

For exporting, all you have to do is set the locators around the timeframe you want to export, make sure your recorded track is not muted and use file --> export. Select the main output or the track output, doesn’t matter in this case as long as you don’t have any effects on your master output. The export window is quite straight forward otherwise I would think. Does your exported track have the correct length? Or is it perhaps just very quiet instead of completely silent?

I’m sorry I’m so slow thanking you for your help Strophoid. I was just in a little too big a hurry as usual and needed to cover more basics before expecting to operate even basically. Your answer helped reassure me that I just needed to take more time and study it.


No worries. If you are still stuck then feel free to ask again :slight_smile: