Now I Know Why I Keep All My Old Gear!

My youngest son (9) started playing electric guitar a little over a year ago and loves it.
He’s heavily into rock (Hendrix, Van Halen, Metallica, etc.). :sunglasses:
He plays my Fender Strat on my Marshall 8040 and likes to play with boost and lots of reverb.

Yesterday I found my old Boss ME6 multi-effect processor and showed him what he could do with it.
You should see his face! The biggest smile I’ve ever seen! :smiley:
He especially likes the flanger, because he just started playing One Vision by Queen for his lessons, so I made a preset with compressor, overdrive, delay and flanger. He says it sounds exactly like when his teacher (an accomplished rock player and former band member) plays it.

I haven’t used the effect processor for over 15 years, there are far better alternatives these days, but I’m glad I’ve still got it! :slight_smile:
As long as it inspires him to play it’s serving its purpose.

Let’s Rock! :sunglasses:

Nice story!
Makes me smile. :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:. As long as it works, there’s nothing wrong with old gear :slight_smile:.
I’m about to pick up a bass that’s older than me! :open_mouth:

What an awesome dad! :sunglasses:

I know what you mean, my tenor, alto and baritone sax are all older than me! :slight_smile:
But with ‘old gear’ I meant replaced or disused gear.

gear lying around is what got my daughter started. She is now a music major in college. never would have happened if she didn’t just start plunking around with stuff in the house.

The second hand value of old gear is in an overwhelming majority of the cases close to nothing so if you’re not running out of space wherever you keep your stuff just leave it where it is. Some day … :sunglasses:

Cool! :sunglasses:


My dad always told me that the folks who really got rich during the ‘gold rush’
were the ones who sold the picks and shovels.


That’s quality! :sunglasses:

We have a two for one deal* going on for a limited time. If you act now we’ll also include this bottle of snake oil. All you need to do is pay separate processing.

*buy two, get one

That is awesome Wim. It makes me wish sometimes that I had kids. Other than that, I wouldn’t know what to do with them except use them as punchlines in jokes way over their heads. :laughing:

It’s more like; ‘what they will do with you’! :slight_smile:

More kids = Less gear. Its not legal (after a certain point) to spend their food money on gear! :laughing: