Now I understand the complaints about VST Bridge

i never used the 64 version of Cubase. However, recently I bought some VSL libraries that require a lot of RAM, so I’ve installed the new Cubase 6 in 64 version.

Wow, it’s almost unusable with 32 bit plugins. Halion 3.1 doesn’t work (fortunately there is a 64 bit version I’ve just installed now), and the plugins that don’t make VST Bridge crash use A LOT more CPU.

Sincerely, I expected better 32 to 64 bit performance from the creators of the VST technology :open_mouth:

So, no 64 bit for me yet… I have lots of expensive 32 bit plugins I can’t just throw away…

Windows doesn’t seem to have such problems running 32 bit apps in a 64 bit OS. :confused:

Should be interesting to see witch comes first. The plugin manufactures to 64 bits or a working vstbridge.

Just get JBridge. It only costs something like 15€ and makes your life much easier.

Highly recommended

Ye it’s crazy. Load up one Halion one instance and it hits 10% on my CPU meter!


+1 too
It will be your best 15€ ever spent !
And the creator is SO cool, your can reach him if you have any problems, it will try to help as best he can.

Best Regards,
Zouk !

I see.

Well I just installed the demo version and it seems to work very well. No hangs. However, seems that some 32 bit plugins use much more CPU when used through JBridge (with very small buffer sizes I suppose, I run on 64 samples).

Maybe I’ll use it the other way around, to load 64 bit plugins inside Cubase 6 32 bits, just for the plugins that need lots of memory, like Vienna Instruments.

The way the bridge works is to transmit audio between the 64bit and 32bit components as TCP/IP network traffic internally.

On the Mac, this can be problematic if the default Firewire and Bluetooth network interfaces are left in the system preferences. Removing them can make a lot of bridge problems go away.

On Windows, it might be worth a shot unbinding any unnecessary services from the network interfaces (particularly QoS Packet Scheduler, but also Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing, Link-layer Topology Discovery Manager, turn off IPv6 etc.) as anything that causes the network to wait may cause delays in VST Bridge traffic, and obviously this will cause problems.

Luckily most developers who want a future for their company have already released or will soon release 64-bit versions of their plug-ins. I will never buy a 32-bit only plug-in again. In the meantime, a few of my 32-bit plug-ins that I cannot live without run pretty flawlessly with Jbridge.

That is not for me since I dont use microsoft. (Thanks Steinberg so that I have to read about all the MS windows crap and solutions for their problems. What about a forum for mine?)

That guy really is super cool. Although I ended up not buying it, he tried helping me with an issue I was having with the demo for like 2 weeks coming up with new fixes and whatnot for the issue I was having. Props to him for the support he gives to his customers and even those who aren’t.

Vienna Ensamble Pro is another solution for hosting 32-bit VSTs within Cubase6-64-bit. It’s cost more $ than JBridge, but looks great, and can help you network multiple computers (Audio & Midi).

Available for both Mac and PC.

+1 for VE Pro. It’s more stable and it’s audio-over-LAN and midi-over-LAN functionality is great, and is cross-platform.

JBridge is good for some plugins, but I’ve used it extensively and it can cause big problems with some plugins.

I expect for OS X, a similar phenomenon will happen like when Logic 9 finally went 64-bit – a lot of AU plugin makers started rolling out with 64-bit versions. I expect the same will happen, and the big plugin companies will start packaging 64-bit VST plugs for Mac. May take a while, but it will happen.

I just got JBridge and I must say that I am really enthusiastic about it. In seconds my old plugins work now in Windows 7 64bit and no problem whatsoever!!! :smiley:
Great. Thanks for bringing this up

One thing stops me from trying VE pro:

You can transfer out of VE pro, but you can’t transfer audio into it… Is this right?

Perhaps this situation is only an issue with some 32 bit plug-ins, not all of them. All of my 32 bit plug-ins run just fine in Cubase 5.5.2’s 64 bit version. The ones I have are from MusicLab (RealGuitar, RealLPC, and RealStrat) and a few of the Native Instrument plug-ins are 32 bit only (Reaktor 5, Vokator, Pro-53). So maybe jBridge is helpful depending on the VST and not useful to everyone. I have no complaints about VST Bridge, but I like to see what others are saying just in case I come across a problem some day.

Sweet! I just read on their forum that MusicLab Real Guitar is beta testing 64-bit versions. I’ve been waiting for this.

VE Pro is for instruments, not effects. MIDI in, Audio out.

If you can, run jbridge in “performance mode”
and untick “get audio time hack” or similar
Not all plugins like this, but jbridge has improved over the versions and I can run all my 32bit plugs with these jbridge settings and it certainly uses less latency.

i’ve got jbridge and it basicly saved me from a big 64-bit dissapointment which still could go on now because many of the plugins arn’t correctly seen by cubase without it, most of the important ones i have like virus ti, play software (for sample libraries) massive, discord2 and fm8 are 64bit but i really need to jbridge many of my effects.

THe best thing is to put all your vst(i)s in an individual folder under vstplugins folder, then individually add them to the plugin manager and see if it works, if it doesn’t bridge that plugin in a sepparate subdir and point to the plugin then in the plugin manager.

I know it’s a bit of work but eventually you have all your plugins neatly organized in a sepparate dir and you won’t have any issues with the vstbridge hanging on having multiple bit type vst’s in one folder.