Now if only my Komplete Control S61 could transmit anything other than Ch 1 (thanks NI - fix found)

Now if only my Keyboard could transmit on anything other than Channel 1 (thanks NI).

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Which model is it?

Komplete Control S61 from 5-6 years ago. I was totally surprised after I’d had it awhile and found I couldn’t change the MIDI Channel. Not much real world impact, but still…

Is it the MK2 or the MK1?

Not sure, it’s not marked either way so I’d guess that implies MK1. But…?

Do you have the model with the two colour screens?
I’m asking because in both cases, we can have midi channels setup, though the procedure is different.

No, there are no screens at all. It only has 9 little LCD displays for the controller knobs. Is there a non-MK version?

I’m fine with only having Channel 1 and only discovered it wouldn’t transmit on other channels while trying to answer a question here. The main reason I got it was for the keyboard colors showing keyswitches and the likes.

Cool, this is the MK1 then.
You can open the Controller Editor which comes with the MK1 and you can create a new Template. By going to the Assign tab, you can create/edit key zones, and even edit the midi channel for them.


Yeah it’s a right faf about… Does this still work.
In Controller Editor, click on the key bed at the bottom, click the Assign tab on the top right, and then change the channel there.
You have to keep the controller editor handy.
PS. some time back you pointed me to an RME driver, I was really busy at that time and never got back to thank you…so , Thanks for that!
Never forget folk that help you out.

Oh cool good to know. I’d only explored the editor a bit to change what cc’s the knobs used. I’ll have to take a deeper look. Is there a way you know of to change the colors on the keybed keys?

sorry to take this thread off topic.
Perhaps a mod @steve could split out these Komplete Kontrol posts into their own thread.

Indeed. I’ve just seen that the OP was Martin for the new feature. Thought it was a thread with a request.

Sure! If you split the keybed as mentioned above, apart from channel you can also choose the color.
Here’s how the setting tab looks like:


This should have been sorted by NI.
It would have been simpler if NI had sorted the keyboard with a user function to open editor from the keyboard…tsk trsk

I would have marked this as a solution, but because this thread was split from another I don’t have that capability.

:white_check_mark: solved

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