"Nowhere Slowly" (Instrumental)

An old one started in Cubase 6(.5?) now revisited in 7.5. I posted the original version awhile back, but didn’t get much of a response … probably because it was a total mess! :laughing:

Anyway, here’s the stripped down new version …


After listening to this one a few times, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of genre you’re aiming for here. I think you’re going for something on the crazy side, maybe a bit unprecedented. I’m thinking if you threw in even crazier FX or possibly even voice samples experimentally that it might augment what you’re trying to do here.

I think the drums, no doubt a bundled instrument, could use a bit of work as well. But how in the world you got all those different samples to work together into something musical idk! I’m in awe!

Thanks for listening, Bane.

Not aiming for any “genre”. In fact, I was purposely trying to put things together which really shouldn’t belong :slight_smile: . I have an extremely wide range of musical “likes”.

The drums/percussion are Superior Drummer via the Electronic and Latin Percussion EZXs. 3 Instrument tracks. Electronic, Latin Percussion (multiple instruments), and Latin Percussion solo tambourine.

This thing has been through Hell and back already. It’s amazing the tracks make any noise at all after so much processing. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything else with it. But, thanks for the suggestions and alternate thoughts!

Very interesting piece…verging on the strange but that’s why it’s intersting!! :slight_smile: one problem for me was that the lead instruments seemed a bit hi in the mix to the detriment of an interesting background track, liked where the pad was,cheers, Kevin

Thanks, Kevin. I had a difficult time trying to balance levels of the different elements, for sure!

Sounds like a direct reflection of my personality, then. Success! :smiley:

Kind of a sound track, I’d say. Listened a couple of times. I think you’re trying to create a certain spacy atmosphere, and that’s working. Always fun to hear something new from you, so thanks for putting it up!

Definitely “background music”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking it out. I’m looking forward to hearing something new from you, as well!

Yes, it’s been a while, got a couple in the works.

Cool stuff! I also agree the one deeper synth sound is too loud maybe use of an envelope follower/cool stereo echos or even the Morphfilter? The effects will probably soften the sound w/o even having to change mix…Cool piece and so different from what I am used to hearing from you!