NP Iconica NPPE CPU usage

I just installed the free sketch NPPE and was working on a small piece. I saved and exited Dorico but I still see NP churning away in the background.
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 8.08.43 AM

I understand it is, in essence, a background process but when not connected to a Dorico project it is still using almost an entire CPU core.

Has anyone else noticed this?


That seems … unusual. Not Ionica, but if I use NPPE with BBCSO Pro on a large project I get this when playing back in Dorico …

… but that drops back to 0% after I close Dorico:

I’m not sure why that would still be so system intensive for you when not even connected.

The initial problem machine:
MacBook Pro: Intel Core (i9) / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD

I just downloaded the Sketch NPPE onto a Windows 11 machine, i9, /128GB RAM/5TB SDD (RAID6) and, although not as prominent, it is still churning without being connected to Dorico.

… still using more than 50% of a single core. I also tested HOOPUS–same churn. I wonder what the heck it’s doing…

Probably it is a good idea to ask this question in the NotePerformer forum rather than here.