NP voices sound different?

Since switching to 3.5, the NP choir patch sounds different to me. It sounds darker, and slightly lower in pitch. I don’t have Dorico 3.1 any more to compare, but does this sound correct to you?

There’s a rough Dorico file and an audio export. Am I imagining things?

I’m running NP 3.3.1.

not for me

both when i listen to your .wav file and the result of downloading your Dorico file and opening it in either D3.1 or D3.5

NP 3.3.1

NPChoir_D3.5 - Flow (227 KB)
NPChoir_D3.1 - Flow (226 KB)

Thanks. What I’m wondering further is if it sounded different in the past, maybe at 3.0 with a previous NP version? I swear the choir sounds different (it’s the only sound I’ve been using for the past 6 months).

i opened your Dorico file in 2.2.20 and compared the sound (NP3.3.1) to your .wav file.

they sounded the same.

So odd. Ok, thanks! Clearly the brain isn’t firing on all cylinders…

what is odd, though, when i open your Dorico file in my copy of D3.5 (, i’m informed that your file was created in an earlier version of Dorico:

I had a strange - possibly related issue last evening: using NP solo violins, switched to Halion, then back (proper templates and all). I could swear the NP violins sounded different; today, back to normal. It was as though the patches had not been switched back, even though the NP mixer showed activity. I know we can get confused; sometimes our computers, as well?

What happens if you shut everything down and restart?