Nu 5.5 - Mouse wheel increment/decrement amount preference?


Specifically my question is related to using the mouse wheel to change the volume of a waveform - that is, hovering over the waveform with the mouse and scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the volume of the waveform.

In 5.1 (and prior I believe) the inc/dec amount was 1 dB per scroll ‘notch’ (notch: meaning a detent point in the mouse wheel’s movement). In 5.5 the inc/dec amount has dropped to 1/10th of a dB. I prefer it at 1 dB increments and am wondering if there’s a preference I can change to get this back, or a hot key I can hold down while scrolling to achieve this?

I realize I can use the scroll wheel above over the ‘volume’ field of the info line, but this method is less efficient for me.

Any help/insight greatly appreciated.


An even faster way is to assign a key command to inc/dec event volume.

That’s interesting…

in 32bit 5.1, I noticed this behavior when I started using the Avid Transport. The transport and also the avid control wheel will adjust the volume in 0.1db increments… The scroll wheel on the mouse would do it in 1db inc.

Just checked this in 5.5 and it’s the same. I actually like the smaller unit, if this is a setting somewhere, I’d like to know also.

Hi Guys,
Noticed the same problem when i upgraded, i love to use the 1db increments.
The answer is to slow the acceleration of your mouse wheel to minimum.
it worked for me.
I use a Logitec M510 7 button mouse with my Mac.


Strange … on my system I get 1dB steps.


For me is better 1db step, and I get 0.1 in 5.5 too.