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I have a question with using Nuendo 5 MAC that I cant seem to find quick way of doing .

My question:

I have about 160 songs that I want to mix using nuendo . Each song has about 60 tracks of mono & stereo audio. I want to setup up a mix and use it as a global Mix palette for the rest of the songs.

I want to be able to mix One song and then use the mixer setup, groups, fx returns etc for the rest of the other song mixes. Like back in the old days. Where one could setup the SSL with all the inserts Eqs & plugins and effects and then just swap over Tape reels on the Machines, and be ready to go very quickly.

I cant seem to find a fast way to do this in Nuendo without tons of “clicking” and re routing in Nuendo. Also, it seems that the " Save ALL mixers settings" is not flexible and does not save routings!

I have a few ways to do this, Like dragging and dropping audio into a new project that has the mixer & fx, etc. . but they all VERY slow and labour intensive with rerouting.

Do you or anyone have a good idea or work around for this please?

Thank you in advance for Any Ideas

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Would a template work for you?
Make all the FX and groups you want, insert needed Plug ins etc, then save as a template. Just be sure you have no audio in your project before saving to template.

Bye / Tumppi

Try this, You’ll have to do a bunch of prep first. But in the end you’ll be able to swap virtual tape reels. I imagine that the speed of it and staying in that creative mixing head space is the goal…

You might have done a few of these steps already.

Step one: Create your SSL surface.

  1. Mix the first song, set your mixer the way you want for all including plugs and routing - like your SSL example. Detailed track names and colors might be very useful here. Make it neat and pretty.

  2. Open the audio pool, Right click, prepare archive… select no for permanent edits.

  3. File. back up project. Select a new folder and name it - template set up

  4. Confirm that “template set up” is the active project, I don’t remember if this happens automatically or not, open it the way you’d open any other project if it does not.

  5. Superstitious SAFETY MEASURE - open the pool, right click prepare archive. Should say project is ready

  6. select all audio and regions - Delete

  7. Open the pool - remove unused media - trash - Empty trash - erase

  8. Open the automation panel - Functions - Delete all automation in project.

  9. (OPTIONAL) Manually reset to 0 - all faders, all sends, all plugs, all eqs. use your best judgment.

  10. Open “template set up” audio folder and confirm that there is no audio in there.

  11. File, save as template.

    Step 2. Create your tape reels - It will take you a while, but it will be worth it in the end.

  12. Create new project, use your new template



  1. 1 song at a time, Load up your audio on the correct channels… when the import dialog comes up, select different tracks and uncheck all boxes… forget about the sound, just get them in and confirm the channel order. Think of this as mindless data entry.

  2. Select all audio tracks - ignore groups, fx, outputs etc…

  3. FILE, EXPORT, SELECTED TRACKS - select reference - In the master project folder, create a new folder called XML. give the save file the song name and store it - repeat this for all the songs.

    Step 3. Changing reels

How you handle the project files and naming them for new songs or versions etc is up to you.

  1. Open your original mix of your first song from step1.1

  2. Save as - next song title+version

  3. open automation panel, Function, delete automation in project

  4. Select all audio files in timeline - delete

  5. open pool, remove unused media, REMOVE FROM POOL (not trash)

  6. FILE - IMPORT - TRACK ARCHIVE - go to your XML folder and select the next song you want to work on. follow import dialog. Nuendo will creat 60 new tracks based on the XML folder with all the audio from the archive on those tracks. If you’ve done all the steps above correctly, they will be in the correct order.

  7. Select all audio files, right click, edit, group - (set up a key command for this if you want)

  8. Drag the top most audiofile to your top most audio track. Quickly confirm that all the channels are matching up. Remove the unused tracks below that were created on the import.


After you do all that prep work and do the change a few times. You’ll be able to do the change in less than a minute. If you ever screw somthing up, or if a session gets corrupted or if you want to use the same lay out in the future. you can always start with your template

good luck

Hello Kid,

Thank You so much for all your time and great explanation here. I think this is the best way to go. I am doing a few things already as you suggested here, but I like your idea of using the the Import XML tracks as the main way to transfer mixes / setups. As you guessed speed of it and staying in that creative mixing head space is the goal. !

One additional Idea i want to play with, and maybe you have tried this too, is

Step 01 : Saving a MIXED song and then making a Save Backup of it ( Duplicating it on HD)

Step 02 :In the duplicate song, rename All audio files to generic names, using the Renamer in the Pool.( saved rename preset)
01- Track 01 Stereo
02- Track 02 Stereo
03- Track 03 Mono
. .
60- Track 60 Stereo

Then Save BackUp This “New Song” in a New folder.

Step 03 :astonished:nce its saved. Quit Nuendo, and then delete all audio files ( in Finder) that are renamed in the Audio folder of the “New Song” .

Step 04 : This is the painfull part. Open each “Song 2 B mixed” that needs to be mixed, and rename all audio exactly the same as in Step 02. ( the good thing is, a lot of songs have the exact same track layout) Then Save them as a Backup. close the session.

Step 04 : Now Open the “New Song” and the audio will be missing, and should diplay find missing files dialogue. Then Direct Nuendo to the Audio folder of “Song 2 B mixed”, and hopefully it should be tricked into playing the Audio from the “Song 2 B mixed” audio folder ??? What do you think?

Thank you again for all your great input.


Thank You Tumppi, yes this wil help in part . . but i think Kid , ideas uses this and a bit more .


My final way to do this :

01: Use all the FX and inserts EQ etc in Groups only. 1 Group per Audio Track.

02: Then Rout all Audio Tracks to their individual Group.

03: Once all is Routing is as I like it, delete all audio from pool Only , then Select all Tracks & Groups Export Selected Tracks.

then I am able to import this track archive into each song I want to mix.

Thank you all for helping me work this out.

All the Best

Sounds good. Is the routing maintained?

I remember trying something similar and my routing got screwed up… I never tried it again.

HI Kid,

Yes the routing is stored now, I also remember it screwing up, but not now. :slight_smile:))

Thank You again for your help and the “Think Tank”