Nu-jazz with female vocals by Portonova

Hi Cubase users,

Please listen to and comment my songs on Soundcloud.
The song started as a sketch in Ableton Live. Drums were recorded on location using a Pro Tools set. I’ve recorded the other instruments and vocals using Cubase 6 and did the mix with Cubase too.



Your songs sound good to me. Fun. Mixes sound well balanced to my ears. Of course, reminds me of Squirrel Nut Zippers.
Very good job!

Hey thanks for your kind comment. Never heard of the Squirrel Nu Zippers, but I’m glad to know them now.

Here in the Netherlands everybody mentions Caro Emerald.

Just listened tot he first one Wonderful Day and I really liked the chords and the melody, lots of colour but to be honest I’d rather it was piano instead of whatever organ synth kind of sound that is. The bassline sounded really good to my ears, but it was too loud at parts which in turn made me think that the vocals were mixed a bit too quietly, at times she gets overpowered too much by the instruments, and since she is the main focus this shouldn’t be happening. Compositionally I thought this was really good!

Sounds great Jos, nice work :slight_smile:

very nice, I liked it a lot…

Thanx Jonathan, I think I need some distance in time to listen with fresh, objective ears. This is my first attempt to make jazzy music so I might have done some things wrong. :slight_smile: In my ears the vocals are loud and bass just loud enough. But this could be my speakers too.

I really appreciate your comment.

Kind regards,


Hello Strophoid and Cubase6_user. Thanx, I’m flattered. :slight_smile: