NU10 - Not registered in "My Products"

I would like to send some crash dumps to Steinberg support. I can’t do so, because for some reason or the other NU10 doesn’t appear there as registered, even after doing so several times.

How do I solve this?

Do you mean in MySteinberg? If so,

Go into eLicenser Control Center and in the Support tab, select “Send eLicenser Information”. Or just perform all maintenance tasks.

Make sure your elicenser is registered as well. All can be done within eLicenser CC.

Thanks for your help, but this won’t do the trick. I did all of that before already, yet the selection in the support’s web-form still offers “Nuendo 5.5” as the only option to tag the case.

… I’ll use this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see a valid Nuendo 10 registration for your account in Mysteinberg. Is it only the selection in the support request form or also the list of registered products that lacks a Nuendo 10 entry?

Thanks for your reply, Ed!

It’s indeed just the selection in the support request form that lacks the NU10 entry. I just want to avoid a raised eyebrow (or two) when our esteemed support team members receive an erratically tagged request. :slight_smile:

… I hope it’s OK to use the “5.5” selection for my support ticket, for now.

(Back from vacation)… Dietz, the entry should definitely be there by now. Let me know if it still does not appear for you.

Thanks for taking care, Ed! Hope you enjoyed your vacation. :slight_smile:

It seems as re-installing NU10 solved the issue, all of a sudden. My account’s list appears to be complete now.

A happy end! Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: