Nuage and Cubase Problem [SOLVED]

I have Nuage working fine with Nuendo but I can’t get Cubase Pro going at all. This hasn’t been an issue before but I now find myself needing to use Cubase occasionally.

Cubase is registered in the Workgroup Manager as DAW B and is successfully detected in the workgroup when opened.

However, the Nuage controllers don’t pick it up. The only Nuage menu item in Cubase is the Nuage HA option - nothing for the I/O, fader or master as there is in Nuendo. Pressing the DAW B button on the master/fader does nothing. I’ve double checked the firewall entries and they’re identical to the Nuendo entries.

Anyone shed any light on what might be the problem?

On an unrelated note, if anyone is running the Nuage Nio500 I/O’s I have a few workflow questions if anyone would be kind enough to engage in a few PM’s. Thx.

What if you remove Nuendo from the Workgroup manager, (Arrow down, but Nuendo in de lower section), and then move Cubase “up” as only DAW.
Fire up Cubase and see what happens.


Thanks for the pointers. It didn’t work quite as you described but going with similar theory I finally got it figured out.

Cubase won’t operate as DAW B (as it’s described in the courseware). Basically, if I remove Nuendo and Cubase from the Workgroup and just promote whichever one I want to use in there once it’s open (which automatically goes in as DAW A) the controllers pick it up & I get my full Nuage menu & saved settings.


So you can have 3 computers running 3 licenses tied into Nuage? cool

Well one of them would have to be Pro Tools I guess and that Mac would also have to run Nuendo as the bridge. You would have DAW B available for another computer though. Pretty sure that’s how it works.

I thought I’d be able to run Nuendo or Cubase on the same machine once they were in the workgroup (not at the same time) but you can only have one of them in there.

Yes, that is correct.
Nuendo, Cubase and/or ProTools.
Very handy in a typical Post-setup, where you are mixing one one machine (or multiple) and recording the mixes/stems to another machine.
That other machine is often ProTools.


You can get other DAW’s in there, I have successfully used both Audition and Reaper on the Nuage. Implementation is, of course, limited but you can ride faders which is nice. john

Care to share the method? I sometimes use Reaper for client compatibility. It’d be nice to get Studio One in there as well.