Nuage Artist / mini / S3 whatever you wanna call it

Hi there,

am I the only one who feels that Steinberg should fill the gap between the low end CC121 and Nuage?
During the last couple of years I have equipped a couple of studios (4 to be precise, one pending) with Nuendo installations and all of them have bought AVID/Euphonix Artist Series controllers (usually 1-3).

The main reasons for the choice were form factor and price.

All of those studios would have preferred to buy a slightly bigger dedicated Nuendo controller with 8 faders and a small edit/control room section with a jog wheel for maybe 4-5k Euros.

Make it relatively small (slightly bigger than the S3) and I have the feeling that it could be a winner. In many post environments you need to edit with a mouse and a standard keyboard AND mix the shows. Editing, sound designing and mixing is melting into one more and I feel that this would reflect the needs of many Nuendo users (and probably Cubase as well)

I realize that Nuage looks really impressive on promotional material, but to be quite honest I feel that a larger desk/control surface without mouse and keyboard in the center is slowing down my workflow (I also work in 3 places with ID controllers).

I feel that Yamaha should built something to rival the AVID S3 that is already being considered in two of those studios.