NUAGE not loading

Hi everyone,
after installing Nuendo 10 my NUAGE (2 Fader, 1 Master) ist not connecting with N10.
I “repaired” the installation of “TOOLS for NUAGE” to maybe write files in the N10 folder, some extension or something, but with no luck.

The NUAGE emblem on the master starts to flicker and I get a black screen on the Master unit… then the NUAGE Logo reappears.
Also… the two controlls in the “Studio” Menu are missing (“NUAGE FADER Setup” “NUAGE MASTER Setup”). The “NUAGE HA Remote Setup” is available.

Firmware of both is v2.0.0

With N8 everything still works fine.

Any ideas?

Very strange.
We have two rooms with Nuage here, and both work fine with N10.
No idea what could be wrong with your setup.


Check if the Nuage .dll is in the correct place.
It should be in:
Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/Shared Components

Or search NUAGE_Extension.dll


hm, the Extension is indeed in the right place.

A firmware update to v2.0.1 did not help.
Fresh preferences did not help either.

gonna try reinstalling the TOOLS from scratch.

It looks like the workgroup Manager has trouble to connect the DAW with the Modules.
The CPU usage is unusual high (about 15%).
Gonna post a support ticket about this.

Still, any ideas are welcome.

EDIT: hm, might have misread this… usage is at 0% again.

I had no problems with Nuage after installing N10, but I remember I had to check windows firewall permissions for Nuendo 10 after installing.
If you’re on windows, you might check firewall settings for Nuendo 10 or try to disable firewall completely.

I’m having the same issues here. Everything is showing up in the workgroup manager, but nothing is connecting. I’ll check the firewall.

Yes… it is actually the firewall.
Deactivating works.


Is anyone planning to buy a Nuage NIO500 fader unit? I’m planning to sell mine :wink:

Hey HocusProcus,

I am indeed thinking about jumping onto the Nuage system.
Feel free to contact me.


This is confusing.
The Nuage NIO500 is a I/O module; not a Nuage fader uinit.