Nuage- Nuage Workgroup Manager

I’m having an issue with Nuage Workgroup Manager. When I go to add Nuendo I get a message that reads “Managed in other workgroup. Manage in this workgroup?” When I click “yes” Nuendo won’t usually connect and it takes many tries. I have no other workgroup and the manual is no help, anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Make sure, there is no other instance of Nuendo in the workgroup. Also make sure your Nuage is assigned to the right DAW A,B or C (see picture)
You can also try to remove Nuendo from the “workgroup” and re-add it from the “DAW list” back into your “Workgroup”

Thanks! I’ll double check for other instances, I don’t think there are any. I’ll double check the assignment too. Re-adding Nuendo hasn’t helped, it just won’t connect for some reason.

maybe a firewall issue.

Thanks, no firewall though.