NUAGE Owners, how is Nuage screen on a TABLET possible?

I saw this promo video by Lorenzo Cortez, a Spanish Composer and noticed that he has the Nuage screen on a TABLET! How did he do this? I went to the Yamaha web site and found that I could download all of the Nuage Files and I downloaded the Bonjour app as well. But I can’t get any of them to setup on my Android Tablet. I get an error message saying that I don’t have the REQUIRED APPS to do this. But it doesn’t say which apps are required in order to complete the setup.

Anybody here have any idea how this was done?

In that picture it looks like the tablet is being used as an additional display for a mac computer. Notice the mac menu bar at the top of the screen.

I think it’s just the Nuendo mixer on a second ‘monitor’.

No, its a Nuage screen. You can tell by the double row of encoder controls at the bottom. Plus there’s no numeric readout, like you’d find on a Nuendo mixer.

Admittedly, my answer is not very creative, but why don’t you ask Steinberg or Yamaha directly, they should know.

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve seen that this is possible.

The composer answers the question in the comments of the video. Ipad.

Since the OP didn’t post the link (don’t understand why, since it would have made it easier to get an answer to his question), here it is: Trabajando con el sistema Yamaha Nuage & Steinberg - YouTube

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For the lazy among us:

Lorenzo Cortés: The screen iPad is the Izootope Analyzer Plugin and the rest are Nuage Windows.

Joey Baron: how does this hook up?

Lorenzo Cortés: do you mean ipad? USB port and sidecar screen option

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This is an expansion screen. After linking the computer, press Shift+ctrl with Nuage fader to select the screen

Wow! Thanks!

That conversation was NOT there when I originally saw this video.

Wow! What discipline. You saw it a year ago, but waited carefully for the exact right moment to post!


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