Nuage users! Screen sizes and resolutions.

How does Nuendo and its Nuage mixer views work with higher resolution screens?
Are Nuage mixer windows resolution dependant, or are they just like regular mixer windows with a few extra features?

If we buy Nuage, should we stay with 24-25" 1920*1080 screens or is it better /worse with higher res screens?
I realize that if we choose larger screen we will have to have “inserts” between each section but that is something else we can deal with on the basis if it is needed/best for our install.

We are still using 24" 1920x1080 screens here (medium size facility). This may or may not change in the near future, and thus I am thinking about screen choices, and how they will impact how it feels like working with the program when we move projects from room to room.

I am looking at budgeting a few installs, and for our main mix room the Euphonix S5 frame we already have is quite a bit nicer than anything else we could get custom built. But fitting everything and the kitchen sink inside the existing frame isn’t without its problems… So I have to consider screen size and resolution that makes best sense as both a mixer window but also what is most efficient as a regular editing screen.
I have to relate to the Nuage 16 fader bay width of 580 mm when choosing screens.

Any thoughts on this matter?

I wanted higher resolution and went with 3x BenQ PD2500Q (2560x1440) fits nicely with 2xfaders and 1xmaster.
I’m using it without any scaling so the fonts in nuendo are small (especially mediabay fonts could be bigger), but had too many display problems with plugins and so on to use HighDPI scaling. so if you’re fine with small fonts those Benqs are great.

Thanks for the info Kamil!
Anyone else?

I have been experimenting a lot with monitors lately. I am working on and Avid S6 installation and have experienced the same issue as you have with Nuage. On S6, Producers desk only has 600mm space for a monitor. A 27" monitor is 620mm wide, so we had to split the frame to accommodate a larger monitor.

When choosing monitor size/resolution, I alway start with font size I can work with. It should not change much when moving from smaller to bigger monitor, so you can use different size monitors in your facility and Nuendo interface will always look the same, like looking through bigger or smaller window. I measure the perceived font size with ppi, which refers to scaled resolution, not monitor native resolution.

I can’t speak for Nuage, but for Nuendo 27" 4k monitor with scaled resolution of 3008x1692 (127ppi) is optimal for me, with viewing distance 50-60 cm from the screen.
On another computer I have 24" QHD (122ppi). The font size is quite similar on both. Maybe slightly small, but not overly so. High resolution somewhat compensates for wasted space in Nuendo (think new N10 Settings window, or Visibility inspector), and for some insanely big plugin interfaces like UAD.

With limited space, the 25" QHD would be a good option. With 117ppi the fonts will be about 20% smaller compared to 24"HD (92ppi). If you can squeeze in a 27" 4K monitor, than on QHD scaled resolution the fonts size (109ppi) will be somewhere in the middle between 24" HD (92ppi) and 24" QHD (122ppi). As always, with scaled resolutions you want as high a native resolution as possible.