Nuage vs Smart AV Tango

I’m a proud owner of a Tango1 with Extension bay (20 faders). I very much enjoy the incredible flexibility of this control surface. with N6.5 now I wish it had control over the channel strip which I’ve found a way around by assigning the parameters to the quick controls which the Tango does have control over. I’m not looking the replace the mixer any time soon but am curious if someone has tried both to see what the big differences are. two option on the Tango I have not seen on any other console so far is the Monarc and the hold button on each channel trip, very powerful futures a specially for Post. Also to be able to build a layout in seconds really rocks, Eucon you have have to do it in the menu which is not a quick thing to do on the fly.

looking forward to hearing some opinions on both


You can get a lot of answers to your questions right here.

They’ve got 19 step by step tutorials (from installation to a mix) that will allow you to make a direct comparison to your Tango. The link I gave you starts at part 5, “Basic Overview.” But you can back track from there and go through the other 18. I hope this helps. :wink:

Thanks Keyplayer, the Video’s are helpful. There is no doubt that Nuage intergrades with Nuendo better than any controller out there. The one thing that sold me on the Tango though was the ergonomics of the desk, I find so many controllers all more or less have the same futures or layout design, main unit, fader pack etc. I think someone that has worked on the Tango would understand. I’m looking forward to having the chance to try the Nuage out for myself but there are not any out in my neck of the woods.

I have a Tango II and a Nuage, feel free to ask me questions. Of the two myself and my crew prefer the Nuage; the Tango is a great controller but it’s not in the same league in regards to ergonomics, speed or ease of use in controlling Nuendo. John.

Thanks John,
that was what I was looking for. will be in touch with you in the near future