Nudge 10 ms

I would like to be able to nudge midinotes with a keycommand lets say 10 or 20 mil seconds. optimally keeping the ruler to bars and beats if possible.

You can set up an independent snap grid just for nudge operations. This way, you can perform
all editing with the mouse using a musical (tempo-related) grid that is set to Bars+Beats while all
nudge operations and corresponding key commands are based on a linear (time-related) grid.

Look at the manual pages 224 + 225

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Use MIDI > Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Position | Add | 0:00:00.010 | Seconds


Save this as a preset and assign a Key Command to this preset.

Great thanks for that Martin.
It works as it should!

Thanks for the reply… I will look into the manual when I get time.


I use Key Commands for this. You can select a few options… I’m using +1 Frame and -1 Frame, but I do a ton of video work and that value is useful for me.