Nudge Freely?

Can you nudge midi events in the key editor with the nudge function freely without adhering to the snap or quantize values? I’ve got the snap and quantize buttons off but it still nudges events against the smallest timeline intervals. I’m looking to move events much like clicking and moving with the mouse but using the mouse is not efficient.


Not that I’m aware of. It has to have some value to which is nudges by, and sequencers generally don’t use “pixels” as a reference measurement of any sort. The issue is too, that it’s possible theoretically to be nudging it by sub-pixel values if you could somehow have Cubase use the lowest possible resolution as nudge values (ie, at the PPQ level) which would be very impractical.

So you have to find some compromise inbetween. One suggestion might be to create a custom quantize/snap value of a very tiny amount. Like a 1/256 note or a 1/512 note if possible. I’ve never tried it.

You could try swapping the timeline to timecode rather than bars, this gives a different set of nudge options I think (e.g. frames, mseconds, samples). Maybe better? Personally, I’ve programmed a few function keys to change between bar/beat/quantize and the quantize values, but mostly if it’s tiny movements I need then I use the mouse and a high zoom.


Thanks, I think samples is the smallest increment and that seems to be a better route than Bars/Beats or Frames. Too bad it doesn’t adhere to whatever PPQN setting is selected at least when snap is turned off.

If it is at all possible to have Cubase create a custom quantize/snap value of say 1/256, can somone kindly let me know how? I have tried and tried, but the best I can get is 1/128 or 1/128t. I would really like a 1/256 if at all possible, sometimes those extremely small amounts make all the difference. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

You can get a 127th tuplet of a 1/128 triplet (which is, I believe, an entire lifetime for certain micro-organisms :slight_smile: ).
Seriously though, that setting is too small to have any effect on MIDI… you’d have to nudge a few times before the MIDI event moves by a single tick… If your MIDI Resolution is set to 120 ticks per 16th, try 10-tuplet of 128th triplet.

I use my mouse wheel…

Select the midi, hover over start (the last few digits) on the info line and move your mouse wheel man, yeah! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the idea, I will try this. I assume this works better and more tight/precise than nudging, or dragging and dropping notes via the mouse on the grid to a quantize value?

I use my mouse wheel…

Select the midi, hover over start (the last few digits) on the info line and move your mouse wheel

This is exactly what I do and it works a charm. And obviously, this bit of UI will let you fine tune any of the note parameter values up in the Info Line. Good tool.