Nudge in key editor stopped working

Cntrl left & right stopped working in the key editor.
They are assigned in key commands to “Nudge start left & right” and they work in the score editor and project window.
I must have done something wrong… :thinking:
Help anyone ?


No idea, so far. Could you please attach a screenshot of the Key Editor window? Maybe we will see something suspicious.


I’m ust wondering, how the Nudge Settings look like. Try to enable the following options:

  • Link to Grid
  • Bars+Beats
  • Lik to Primary Time Format

With those settings the event start moves, but the event end stays - e.g. the event gets longer.
And now it doesn’t work in the score editor…
Btw - my settings in keycommands look like this:


As I can see, you have the Nudge Start Left assigned to the Ctrl+L. So it does exactly, as it is assigned. If you want to move the whole note, assign it to the Nudge > Left function.

Thank’s Martin :slight_smile: