Nudge Range

I’m trying to use ‘Nudge’ to move some events very slightly on the Project screen, but when using the ‘Nudge Palette’ the amount of movement is too great.
The user manual states that the amount of movement can be set using the ‘Nudge Range’. But where is it? It mentions it but doesn’t say where it is.

“The nudge increment is determined by the timeline and grid in the Project window.”

This means you set the nudge amount by the grid division. 1 second grid = 1 second nudge, etc. It changes according to what sort of division / grid you are displaying.

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That’s perfect.

BTW @Steinberg: It would be great if we could type in any nudge value, much like one can do in (cough, cough) ProTools. It’s a great, straight-forward workflow when time-aligning tracks derived from multi-mic recordings, for example.

@Dietz: If you have the Info Line turned on, try this:
Select an event, click in the digits in the Start time to enter a new value but then press + on the numeric keypad. A box will appear above that says “Add Time” at which point you can type in an offset and hit enter to shift the selected event(s) a defined amount. Hit - on the keypad before hitting enter to toggle shifting backwards instead of forwards.


Not a quickly repeatable action like a custom-defined nudge amount would be, but still handy if you have a specific known offset amount you need to shift by.

Thanks, that’s how I do it, too! :slight_smile: But of course we both know that there are many occasions (especially in case of edits on several tracks, coming from different takes) where this approach doesn’t cut it.

Yes, that works well.

I find that by setting the ruler to ‘Timecode’ I can then select ‘Subframe’ as the smallest division which is good enough for me.