Nudge selected notes so that first note Snaps to the grid (Offset notes to a grid line)


Say you have arpeggio play that should start right at the second eighth note of a 4/4 measure, but they start slightly after or before and you want to move all the notes so that the first note of arpeggio is at the second eighth note of the measure. Assume we have Snap to gird with 1/8 as quantize preset. What I do now is

  1. I move the cursor to the second eighth note of the measure
  2. I select the notes of the arpeggios
  3. Edit> Move to cursor ( CMD+L)

I was wondering if I could do this in one shut. It seems nudging left and right is not capable of doing that.

Any help would be appreciated.



COuldn’t you just quantize the notes?

No, it arpeggios and fast passages notes are so close to each other that when quantize the notes, the second and sometimes the third notes snap to the grid. I use this to correct my timing by shifting notes. Basically, I play say an 8 bar piano passages, then all I care is I want the passage start right at specific grid line and don’t care about the next notes.