Nudge to/create part aligned with bars.

Hey folks,

Is there a way to either 1) set parts you create to automatically align with the nearest bar and/or 2)set a key command to extend the beginning/end of a part until it reaches the nearest bar? The latter would at least allow me to create a Macro to do the former.

I’ve had a look through the keyboard shortcuts and either I’m missing it or it doesn’t exist. Seems like a pretty sensible function tho…


Not sure what you mean by creating a part. You mean double-clicking in the event display to create an empty part? If so, set the left and right locators to the appropriate bar positions on the timeline and double click in the event display.

Or do you mean after recording a part? Are you talking about MIDI parts or audio events?

I mean when there is audio - say a bunch of kick drums - and you’re grouping it into a Part. Not much point if that Part doesn’t align with a bar at the end.

Sadly, there are no ‘align’ functions. I asked for over a decade. And no, I have NO idea why there are not… it also seems to me to be a duuuuuuhhhhh missing feature.

Please add your voice in the Feature Requests forum. Clearly -my- suggestions go nowhere. :smiley:

Someone will surely chime in with some workarounds… such as turning on quantise, setting to bar and then dragging to the next bar.

That’s the one I mostly use. Or selecting a looong section of audio across a bunch of tracks and turning them all into parts, then using the Scissors to trim away the excess.

Still… bit of an oversight, eh?