Nudging audio tracks into alignment

Think I have a mental block as I can’t figure out how to nudge audio tracks into alignment. In Cubase ie a backing track and vocal track. I’m sure there must be a way to do this with precision via the track counters. Pointers apreciated.


Could you be more specific by the


DO you mean, you want to switch the Snap from the Grid (default settings) to the Events, so the events & parts are snapped to other events in the project?

No, basically I have two audio tracks and I want to move one track to a specific start point against the other, initially by dragging to get a rough alignment then by “nudging” possibly by manually using the counter values showing in the transport bar to set the tracks / events start position with accuracy.


If you enable the Snap to Events, then you can drag the event to the exact start of the other event.

I’m afraid this is not possible.

You can do this in the Info View of the Project window.

If you set the quantise value to 128 and then use the Use Quantise value in the box next to that you can nudge any track to a very fine increment.