Nuendo 1.5 Installation CD

Found something else. I’ll send you an email in like 15 minutes.

Cool, thanks!!!

Just sent you a message here on the forum. Check it.

Let me know if it works so I can just put stuff away…

Burning the ISO right now, will let you know shortly!!


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Kudos to Mattias for sharing his Nuendo 1.6 installer CD, it did indeed burn perfectly!!!

Is there any chance of getting hold of your Nuendo 1.5 installer disc @noeqplease ?? It would be great to have it as well for installing on older G4s with slower (single) processors.

By the way, uploading it to WeTransfer worked a treat!!

Thanks to both of you, it is much appreciated indeed




I have to see if I can make an ISO on my end, that works. For now, I am drowning in water and soon, snow. Give me a few days to try this out.


Actually the version 1.5.3 is software, others are updates. Thanks


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Excellent, thanks!!! Do let us know if you need rescuing from the blizzard, will figure something out :wink:

This is true!

Of course, unless we have a computer with StuffIt or software that’ll open .sit files (I do have a laptop with OS9, but… but… that pesky time thing), who knows if it’ll work as the original installers did-- requiring a CD in the tray, as my esteemed colleague noeqplease reminded me a few days ago. Or, if in fact they decompress to an iso. MusicWorks may know something we don’t!

I had ablated those dark days from my practical memory.


It’s important to understand that back in 2000, as many of you remember, most of us were on dial-up connections to the Internet…remember those grungy dial tones when firing up the modem? Ahhh, those were the days. At 56kbps. What I actually mean is that most of these were updates -therefore, not full installer- out of necessity: download speed was slow and it would have seem logical for software developera to releases “patches” or as we know them now “updaters” to replace only the necesary files. Downloading a full ISO would have required 24-48h+ to download if uninterrupted on a dial-up connection.

Having said this, unlike Cubase VST at the time, Nuendo only needed the CD for installation, as authorization required a connected key to run at all times. So it didn’t use the actual CD for authorization. Actually, all authorizations for music software up until 1999 were floppy-based (Cubase VST included, as the new CD authorizer was introduced with the much anticipated VST/24 4.1 overhaul that introduced much of what VST/32 would eventually become…and was overshadowed by it although it was a very good version if you ask me).

Cubase VST/24 is an interesting example. My original box shipped with the installer discs (for v4.02) and the authorizer floppy (Cubase Master Disk). It installed even in my old NuBus system, working perfectly in System 7 (!). When version 4.1 came along, that was as I said a major rewrite (hello PowerPC) the authorization was changed to a CD based process. So the authorizer floppy wasn’t needed anymore, only the original 4.02 disc in the drive. Cubase VST/24 4.1 was both a full installer and only available online, the CD was only used for the checksumming/authorization process. Partly because as I said it was a major rewrite that required replacing all components with PPC code.

Nuendo was a different beast altogether, with MAJOR interest in the platform from across the board -from those that were using their ears anyway. Pro Tools users were fed up of spending 10k on their propietary software/hardware systems, and options were opening up at the time…

From what I have gathered there are two retail versions of Nuendo 1 for Mac (that is, two versions that were mastered and pressed in CDs for retail sales): 1.5.2 and 1.6. There surely must have been a 1.5.0 and 1.51 , any of which might have also been available as a retail box. However, I have only ever encountered 1.5.2 and 1.6 as actual discs.

This is the reason why I believe the FTP archive starts with the updater to 1.5.3 -most if not all users had the 1.5.2 full install from the retail CD on their computers…thus, this patcher to 1.5.3 is only 14mb -cause its an update to an existing install.

The Nuendo 1.6 patcher for OS9 updates * any * Nuendo 1.x version to 1.6. So its heavier, and would bring all users up to version 1.6 (many things were introduced at this time, full 192khz support, AES31, multiprocessor and hyperthreading improved support…as well as ironing out small things on an already excellent program)

I am almost certain there was never a Nuendo 1.0 for Mac, first release was almost certainly 1.5. The previous release candidate was labelled “Nuendo Alpha”, and although I do have a copy of the alpha installer it uses a challenge response authorization that makes it impossible to install in the current time (without acess to the computers than run the keys to the challenge response). Interestingly, the same authorization is used in PARIS 3.0 on OS9.

I had the honor of being the last authorized PARIS user when I used the challenge response to authorize my Paris 3.0. A few days later they shutdown and removed the computers used to solve the challenge response. It is probable that Steinberg considered this as the copy-protection method of choice for Nuendo on Mac -before settling for the more future-proof option of the iLok/PACE authorization (which in turn probably gave them the idea for the eLicenser propietary copy protection scheme).

My 2 cents!


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By the way, don’t think for a minute your post has gone unnoticed @Dietz :wink:

I want to know EVERYTHING about EXPO 2000 at Hanover, what material did you select for the surround mix demo? Were you working for Steinberg?

Would love to hear more about it, as I find it super interesting!!


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sorry, why do I keep receiving your correspondence without having actively activated it as important to me. :blush:

You have probably activated the “Watch” feature for this thread…thus, it sends you notifications of every one of my boring posts xD

Many thanks to MusicWorks for the Nuendo 1.6 image.
I’ll install it today.
Long live Mac OS 9!!!

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