Nuendo 1.5 Installation CD

Hi everyone!!

Old thread, I know…I just happen to be putting together a Nuendo 1.5 legacy system on Mac OS9 and found this post with @Bassman picture of the Nuendo Installation CD I need.

Any chance you still have this CD lying around somewhere, @Bassman ??

I have managed to find a working dongle for Nuendo 1.x for Mac, am only missing the installer CD.

Any help is much appreciated indeed!!!


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Hi, you should ask Steinberg whether you can get a download for this old version. I still had old Cubase files here (*.all) that I wanted to open in Nuendo for a remix. The last version that could read the *.all format was Cubase SE 3. I asked and got a version. I then converted all the old *.all files and was able to use them in Nuendo.
In general, we have to praise Steinberg for the backwards compatibility of the projects over the last few years, because some creative processes take a little longer :grin:.
The only thing that’s annoying is that so many good plugin/VSTi have come and gone from Steinberg… which is why I’ve become a little more careful about purchasing them.

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Thanks for your reply @Bassman !

I did ask Steinberg but unfortunately they don’t have this particular version available anymore, only the updates to version 1.61 that remain in the Steinberg archive…the problem is that these are only patchers and not full installers.

It’s been 20 years since Nuendo 1, come to think of it! Any chance you could help me out?

I do have a full license for Nuendo 1 as I said, it’s only the installer that I am missing!!

It would be super easy to image the disc, it’s useless without the actual dongle as you know so nothing out of line there. I managed to put everything together, manuals…the dongle with the full license and the legacy computer.

It is much appreciated indeed!


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Believe it or not but I just found a copy of v1.6 lying on a shelf. I can see if I can create an ISO on my old laptop.

Where are you located?

Thanks!!! You’re a total life saver!

I am located in Spain, you can also write to me if you want at lepine98 and my provider is a certain Yaho o dot c o m. Thanks a bunch!


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I’ll try to find time tonight. Otherwise this weekend. Remind me.

Thanks @MattiasNYC !!

Please remember checking it out when you find the time, it is much appreciated indeed

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Hi, Use filezilla or something similar. Go to Archives folder there is the installers and all updates!

More like 25, actually. :sunglasses: I remember using a Beta in late 1999 or early 2000 (?) when I mixed stuff in surround for the EXPO 2000 in Hanover.

Steinberg Nuendo - Wikipedia

Ok, well let me know if the installer is available from that Steinberg FTP link so I won’t have to rip the disk.

Unfortunately all the files in the FTP are patchers and not full installers…so yes, I do need that CD to install Nuendo 1!!

Did you go to the “Archive” directory using an FTP client? I don’t have a computer that will open “classic” os apps, but it sure looks like N 1.5.3, along with release notes, is up there. Not talking about the 1.6.1 update patchers that you can access with a Web browser.

Advance apologies if redundant,


Yes, as I mentioned earlier all files in the FTP archive for Nuendo 1 are updaters and NOT full installers.

Therefore they require a previous Nuendo 1.x full install to patch the files and update the installation. Hence why I am asking for someone with the original installer CD to help me out.

I still have my Nuendo 1.5.2 installer disc, so if Mathias can’t make one for you, I can try to make an ISO image and upload.


Thanks @noeqplease , I might actually take you up on that one!

Could you write to me at lepine98 and my provider is a certain Yaho o dot c o m?

Thanks a bunch!

No, there is also full installers as I wrote!

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Here is the download link! WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thanks @rauno , for a minute there I thought you uploaded the actual ISO…but instead you just dumped the contents of the FTP archive!!!

I am grateful but I also have access to those files and (for the fourth time) they are updaters as you can see by the size (14mb…full installer is around 88mb). Actually you just need to read the readme files “This requires a previous full install of Nuendo 1.x”. You can check it out yourself on the readme for the Nuendo 1.6 updater.

Any of the kind folks who offered to image the actual CD, please ignore all this!! I still need a copy of the actual installer CD…if rauno allows of course :wink:

I appreciate the help @rauno but please don’t make others believe this problem has been solved…


I’ll try to figure out how to make an ISO. If you have a good app for it let me know now. Windows 11 btw.

Thanks Matthias!!

In Windows I would recommend the excellent Alcohol 120. Has been around for ages, it allows to create full ISOs and there is also a free edition in their website!!