Nuendo 10.1 - umfangreiches Feature und Produktpflege Update

Liebe Nuendo-Nutzer,

es freut mich heute die Verfügbarkeit von Nuendo 10.1 bekannt zu geben. Das kostenfreie Update bringt neue und
lang-erwartete Features und mehr als 75 Bug-Fixes mit.

Neue Funktionen:

Introduction of ARA 2 support
This feature can be found under the Extensions heading. There are three ways to apply ARA-capable Extensions to an audio event:
• Audio Menu > Extensions > Choose Extensions (e.g. Melodyne)
• Context Menu on Audio Events > Extensions > Choose Extensions
• Info Line in project window for selected Audio Events > Extensions > There you can either select an Extension, or you can read which Extension is already active for the selected event.

The Extension item only appears if ARA-enabled extensions have been found by Nuendo. If there is nothing on the system,
you won’t be able to see it in the menu.

Cue Sheet export
This new feature enables to extract Information or data from a project and save it as text, mainly in form of a table or sheet,
thus create a report for accounting of all music pieces, or of all VO clips of a narrator, used in the project.

Split channels
This new functionality serves to split interleaved multichannel audio files into mono files – both on referenced clips in the project
and single files in the Pool.

Update Installer und die Versionshistorie sind hier verfügbar: NUENDO 10.1
(alternativ über Steinberg Download Assistant).

Viel Spaß,