Nuendo 10.2.20 Maintenance Update

Dear forum-members,

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new maintenance update for Nuendo 10, version 10.2.20.

This update not only includes over 30 fixes throughout the application but it also introduces the Event Opacity, a new features that replaces the old Transparent Mode that was appreciated by many of you.

The Nuendo 10.2.20 update and Version History can be downloaded from the Downlaod page or via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

All the best,

Great stuff! Thank you!!

FWIW: If you have your DAW running under Windows 7, take care: The updated Nuendo 10.2.20 crashed at a certain point and f**** up those un-recallable GUI Preferences, like colours etc. - again.

Time for another two-hours stunt, trying to rebuild those things. I should have known better … grrrr

Great - thanks a lot! I was hoping for combined selection & object Tool though :unamused:
Any statement on when it’s coming to Nuendo?

Thanks SB considering the situation the whole world is in, you’re still delivering updates. Danke schön

Thank you for the Windows 7 warning, Dietz. Time to find some time and try out the cloned boot drive and perform a Windows 10 update.

Can anybody confirm this update has a substantial CPU overhead compared to the .10 version on Mac? Average idle CPU is 280%, as opposed to 180% on .10.

This is almost unusable, laggy as hell. Rectangular selections are literally half a second behind…

And if so, can you please test your crap before releasing it, Steinberg? Thanks.

I’m a few days into the new update and I must say that I’m really, really enjoying the new colour options. After a bit of adjusting and trying things out it looks fantastic! Editing is easier and the opacity levels, when set the way I’ve got it, makes the events looks like tinted strips of perspex!

Overall I’m noticing a ‘snapier’ performance. Looking forward to the Cubase/Mixer updates with 10.5.

Great update - thank you!

I like the transparency slider as well. The colors really improve, for me at least, with the adjustable transparency option.
Would still be nice, as some have mentioned, to have a key command for transparent events off/on, but the slider does give us some viewing options.

And I echo the sentiment above about appreciating that Steinberg delivered an update with all that’s going on in the world.
Thank you Steinberg.

Working well on my setup! Thank you Steinberg.

really tired of this situation, Steinberg.
Can I have my workspace color scheme back?!
Am I missing something?!!!

Did they forgot the old option of disabling color background???

Its there but that’s not the problem. the issue is that the event opacity doesn’t go to negatives, meaning all it does is match the background color of the edit window. Working on dark backgrounds seems now impossible, I’m used to those dark workflows.

when did your crash happen? I’ve done the update on win7, opened/closed a few recent sessions, exported a few mixes, no crash as yet?

I also miss the grey background with just the waveform in colour. Now, that look with the new opacity controls would be fantastic!

During the creation of a new, empty project. I even have the crash dumps for that, but I see little sense in sending them to the nice people at Steinberg because the standard reply will be either “Waves plug-ins are the culprit” (… why would they f*** up my Preferences …?), or that Windows 7 is not supported actively.

Unfortunately no Eucon Update…
But I hope this will come with the big 10.5 update, so finally Eucon controllers will work as they should in Nuendo / Cubase after YEARS!!
Please Steinberg!

This 10.2.20 maintenance update crashes constantly on my MACpro 10.14.6. Anyone else having this issue? Can I go back to 10.1… seemed much more stable!

10.14.6 on several MacMini, MacPro 5.1 and MacBook Pro 15’ 2019. All fine.

I still have this problem despite the update :cry: :
CAN-24154 Direct Offline Processing : Fixed a possible crash when applying REVerence as a Direct Offline Process.