Nuendo 10.3 Color Palette

Hi all! I am having a rather weird issue with 10.3 and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light.

One of the very helpful (to me) changes in Nuendo 10 was the re-design of the color palette in a grid-like form instead of the list that was used in all previous versions. This means that when you had quite a few colors to choose from, you wouldn’t have to scroll to see them all but could simply access every single one of them from a single interface which looked like this :
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 9.40.49 AM.png
Since updating to 10.3, I obviously did something wrong and lost all the colors so I re-imported them from an older cubase file that I opened in Nuendo. Ever since, my color palette looks like it did in previous versions of Nuendo, i.e. like this :

I know this sounds trivial but to someone with color madness as myself, it really is important :smiley:

Many thanks in advance!!

Project -> Project Colors Setup -> Options -> Select Colors By Name (uncheck).