Nuendo 10.3- Is this a Bug, or just my system?

In Nuendo 10.3, I noticed that when I go to Preferences, Color Schemes,
set the Cycle Region V: to 40, OK the box, come back, and the value goes down
from 40 to 39. It also happens in other Color settings.

It also happens on Make Up values in Nuendo’s native Channel Strip Compressors.
I set the Make Up to 3 in the default Compressor, close the Compressor, open it again,
and the value is now down to 2.

I wonder if anybody could please confirm.

Hi there

Strange problem.
I just checked, but I can’t confirm. Color setting Cycle Region V stays at 40 and the Compressors make up stays at 3dB.
Running a 5.1 Mac Pro High Sierra.

Best, Alan

Thanks Alan, maybe this is happening only in Windows 10 systems.