Nuendo 10 crashes 100% of times when working with video


I´m having a super annoying problem when working with video, Nuendo just crashes when I open or close or simply manipulate the video inside Nuendo, I´m working with mp4´s, This crash doesn´t happen as long as I don´t move or open the video player. This didn´t happend a few weeks ago and I´m not sure I can pinpoint the solution or why it´s happening.

I had an earlier version than 10.3.10 so I updated to see if that fixed the problem, also tried updating Quicktime but I had the latest version.

I got this error and a dump file:

Nuendo Error
Nuendo 64bit 2021.11.6 (1.2 MB)

Thanks for any help or suggestion! :slight_smile:

Can’t remember any more, but if v10 supports DNxHD try converting to that.

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, it still doesn´t work with the DNxHD. I don´t think it´s the codec, but I´m no expert…

I´ve tried to set up a new empty project with just any type of video and it crashes as soon as I close the video player or some seconds later 100% of the time, still have no idea how to remedy this…