Nuendo 10 SHUTSDOWN Random

My Nuendo Keeps shutingdown all the time… This is totaly random… Sometimes it happens when i’m patching, sometimes when i open a simple plugin… It just shuts down! .

I Have a Macmini 2018 3GHz Intercore I5 with 8gb DDR4, with Mojave 10.14.5.

Often I find this is related to a plugin. Try removing them all and add back a few and test till it breaks. Very time-consuming, but the only sure way of tracking it down. In most of my cases, it was a third party plugin that had a bad VST3 version.

This did happen to you even when you are not using no plugins??

Usually it’s a plugin that is on a track. I’ve only had a couple plugins that didn’t even let Nuendo finish scanning them at startup. I’m not having that problem currently, but a couple weeks ago, I did have a plugin I needed to remove in order for projects to open without crashing. That one was PA Scheops spacial enhancer. I can’t remember the name… Too early in the morning. Once I removed that, all projects would open.

happens to me too sometimes, but only in few projects and I’m pretty sure it’s plugin related. I narrowed it done to Izotope, but still hunting for exact one :slight_smile: