Nuendo 10 to 12

I’ve been a long time Nuendo user but I have a newbie question. I have Nuendo 10 and just got a licence for Nuendo 11 with free upgrade to 12. When you install a new version it imports settings from a previous one, if I remember correctly. I want to avoid installing N11 and just wait for N12 (I registered the 11 licence though). When I install the upgrade 11 to 12, do I need 11 installed or just licence will do?
Please don’t laugh too much :smiley:, I just want to make sure.
Thanks everybody

Hi, you don’t need version 11 installed if you have a valid license for 12, the update is about the license not the software

Thanks Rubbercow. Will 12 import 10 settings just fine during installation?

Not sure about this, my guess is no, it won’t

So I got the 11 license now with the discount to get the free update to 12.

Do I need to activate 11 now or can I just wait for the 12 license and then activate 11 and 12 in one go?
Not planning to install 11 now shortly before the 12 release

You will have to register your Nuendo 11 upgrade in order to trigger the grace period upgrade to Nuendo 12. You can register Nuendo 11 now or wait until Nuendo 12 is released.