Nuendo 10.x sound card not remembered

This happens with all Nuendo 10 versions and I think I had this with Cubase 10.5 too: often I see the “New Audio Drivers Found” Window, while nothing had changed whatsoever. It is a bit annoying to have my audio card to select again and again. Sometimes it does not happen, but most of the time it does. (macOS 10.4.6)
Any ideas to prevent this?


This has been discussed on the Cubase forum.

Most probably the HDMi driver is responsible, which seems to be always a different device from Cubase/Nuendo point of view.

Hm, ok - this is the Nuendo Forum - anyway, it would makes sense to just leave the user selection as it was. Why bother with HDMI anyway? The user can change the sound card anytime manually. Furthermore there is no new driver installed every time. Sometimes this shows up, sometimes not.
This is annoying, no matter what is written in the Cubase Forum.