Nuendo 11.0.20 Update available

Dear all,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of a new update for Nuendo 11, version 11.0.20.

Besides over 60 issue resolutions and improvements, Nuendo 11 now officially supports macOS Big Sur and Apple silicon computers under Rosetta 2.

Also, the long awaited channel visibility status of the MixConsole on EuCon devices is now possible.

For a detailed description of all fixes and improvements, please check the Release Notes page,

As always, you can download this update from Steinberg website and via the Steinberg Download Assistant .

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can not add a second line of filters in the logical filter of the media bay filters section
“+” doesn’t work

Thank you for the update, hope, one day its possible to get a fix of the audioconnection.
it is not possible to save the list of the external effects. only if you go deep in the heart of nuendo.
Also it is not possible to write an remote, with all the possibilities of nuendo, with a generic remote.
Waiting now since 20 Years to get this, hope someone can do this.( put a fader on the zoom, for example)

Hey guys :slight_smile: kudos for the new Steinberg Download Assistant :slight_smile: That’s the big news… keep this going. you’e in the right direction :slight_smile: All the best from Lisboa, Portugal

Always great to get updates. Thank you. But please check if this is Bug? I updated to 11.0.20 and now as I open different projects, the PROJECT SETUP changes the RECORD TYPE. RECORD TYPE changes from my setting, Broadcast Wave File, to Wave File.

I changed it back to Broadcast Wave File, recorded my mix as a BWF, close the project, reopened to find the RECORD TYPE was switched back a Wave File again. This will have to be re-set every time we open a project.

Please verify. I hope this can be fixed quickly.
If there is a work a round please let us know. Thanks

I’'m curious. I you temp disable prefs on launch does it still happen?

Please tell me there’s a way to fix the ‘STATUS LINE’ bug?! I can’t believe it’s in the new update as well. Even if I hide it, the minute I add a track/plugin or a bunch of other actions lead to it popping up again.

Is there some preference reset? Is it not affecting everyone else. I’m on macOS Catalina.

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Any update on this?

I reverted back to v11.0.10, since I’m in the middle of a multi-song project with no time to troubleshoot. v11.0.20 changes my setting in Project Setup from Broadcast Wave File to Wave, every song, every time, opened. When I reverted back to v11.0.10, problem is gone.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this behavior in Win10 prox64.
Confirmation would be helpful.

Thank you for making this update, Steinberg! I hope we see some nice features for Expression maps soon. Batch import and some more workflows for easier setups and adding them to projects, Also, support for Virtual Instruments to communicate with Steinberg the patches for auto maps like Studio One and VSL working together is really cool.

Ok. Thanks Jim_Fox. I’ll try the update on my backup tower and see if I get the same problem…

I installed the Nuendo 11.0.20 update today. I notice that, when enabling the new “Mirror Mixconsole Channel Visibility” in the Eucon settings, the meters on Avid control (iPad) are not always responding correctly. This happens when I filter channel types in the mix console. For example: when I deselect “Audio channels” and “Group Channels”, the meters of the Output busses are no longer responding. Or, when I deselect “Audio channels” and “FX Channels”, the meters of the Group and Output busses freeze. Any one else notice this behaviour?

N11.02 BUG, confirmed using Windows 10

Using Windows 10. Project Setup will not save the Record Type. When a project is opened, the Record Type defaults to Wave File. It removes Broadcast Wave File setting and switches to Wave File every time (old or new project). It will not save as Broadcast Wave File even with disable Preference launch.

Using a Mac, this does not seem to be a problem, as I have asked a few Mac users to confirm.

Is there a way to fix, am I missing something? Thanks.

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glitchy when i split the audio track from a video to another audio track … it turns into low rate playback

Constant crashes with 11.02. How can I safely revert to previous?

It seems that the template of the previous version is involved.

Hi Jim, I posted the same topic in the Cubase forum a while back. The BWF issue is in both Cubase and Nuendo and on Macs as well. Like you, I’m incredibly shocked this isn’t a hot fix.