Nuendo 11.0- so far so good

All is well.

I did notice a bit of lag on the Supervision metering.
I have one of the possibly fastest systems for December 2020,
with an Intel i9 10900k, 64GB RAM on a Asus Maximus XII, with a
lean and fine tuned system, with experience since the 80s.

I wonder if the lag in the mettering is something we just have to live with.

Everything else was good so far. I would prefer the On Off buttons blue,
instead of the new white, because now it is slightly harder to know if the
plugins are on or off, specially stacked. I guess I will get used to it.

I only tested for 2 hours, so not enough to know all the details.

One odd thing I noticed, was Steinberg Download Assistant kept deleting
downloaded files, right when I pressed Install, and then displaying an error
and refusing to install.
I had to detete a those files through the assistant, even though the folder was empty,
and download and install a second time. To be clear, the folder was empty,
but theAssistant showed files completely downloaded.

EDIT: this extra info may help Steinberg:
I had changed the Steinberg Download Assistant download path in preferences,
from default C:\users\ to a different drive, E:\DATA\Steinberg Download Assistant\

Thank you very much for your feedback. Glad you like the update.
Re the metering, we’re looking into this at the moment.
Re the Download Assistant - thank you for the hint. An updated version will be released early next year.



Excellent Timo.
Best regards

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A suggestion for the Download Assistant. Would it be possible for the assistant to examine your installed software and let you know what version you are running and if there is an update available? I have not seen it do that, at least on a Mac system. I have to compare my versions of Absolute 4 instruments, Nuendo, Spectralayers, etc. manually to decide whether or not I need to update. And then I don’t know if there is any additional content I should download. Just a request.


11.0 seems to work a lot smoother that 10.3 on my Mac. No crashes so far, which happened 3 times a day with 10.3. Using the new Supervision metering for LUFS loudness is great. I like the mono/stereo split along with the cumulative meter. That immediately sped up my workflow for my TV series, thanks!

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