NUENDO 11 and CUBASE problem with MAC OS X

Respected Steinberg Representatives and Officials,

As a devoted user of your products I am obliged to adhere and draw attention to a serious issiue which has arisen, which shouldn’t encounter on any such serious and proffessional software such as this one and use this chance to reveal my unsatisfaction with it.

To be precise, in Cubase and Nuendo’s the problem occurs only on Apple OS X operating system.
The matter concerns the late software responce when initiating the reproduction, by clicking on ‘PLAY’. That also happens when the buffer size is lowered to a minimum level (eg. 32 samples) even when none of two VST or VSTi is running.
This problem does not happen on Windows. Also I have never encountered this problem with oher Daw’s on Macs.
I tested it on many different Mac’s with different hardwers and drivers and the way the software behaved was the same. Of course, it is the same with Cubase software.
As a user of Nuendos 11 Pro on Mac I am extremely disatisfied to experience such a fail. I do believe this doesn’t do any good for you because as per my sake as a customer, I will surely choose a different platform if the problem does not get solved. Upgrading to Nuendo 12 Pro is out of question and not even an option.

Gentlemen - My dear respected programmers from Steinberg…
If you respect your consumer the same as way as we believe in you and give you trust, be ‘fair‘ and try to solve this issue as soon as possible and give us the corrected version in order for us to be happy with the product, recommend your software, and continue to use your services.

With respect,
Aleksandar Miloradovic

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I had this issue many years ago but can’t remember the details. I think I solved it by getting a better audio interface. It was on Windows but I can’t remember which audio interface I was using at the time. It may have been a driver issue. (I wish everybody still had their computer equipment listed under their signature the way it was before. That helps when trying to solve problems)

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Which Mac OSX were you using, specifically?
Which audio hardware and drivers?

Please, be very specific. How many Macs, how many operating systems, how many different audio hardware?

I have been using Nuendo on my mac, and many other people on here too, they do not report this lagging playback issue.

We cannot help if you are too vague. Sounds like just ranting on Mac OSX.