NUENDO 11 and CUBASE problem with MAC OS X

Respected Steinberg Representatives and Officials,

As a devoted user of your products I am obliged to adhere and draw attention to a serious issiue which has arisen, which shouldn’t encounter on any such serious and proffessional software such as this one and use this chance to reveal my unsatisfaction with it.

To be precise, in Cubase and Nuendo’s the problem occurs only on Apple OS X operating system.
The matter concerns the late software responce when initiating the reproduction, by clicking on ‘PLAY’. That also happens when the buffer size is lowered to a minimum level (eg. 32 samples) even when none of two VST or VSTi is running.
This problem does not happen on Windows. Also I have never encountered this problem with oher Daw’s on Macs.
I tested it on many different Mac’s with different hardwers and drivers and the way the software behaved was the same. Of course, it is the same with Cubase software.
As a user of Nuendos 11 Pro on Mac I am extremely disatisfied to experience such a fail. I do believe this doesn’t do any good for you because as per my sake as a customer, I will surely choose a different platform if the problem does not get solved. Upgrading to Nuendo 12 Pro is out of question and not even an option.

Gentlemen - My dear respected programmers from Steinberg…
If you respect your consumer the same as way as we believe in you and give you trust, be ‘fair‘ and try to solve this issue as soon as possible and give us the corrected version in order for us to be happy with the product, recommend your software, and continue to use your services.

With respect,
Aleksandar Miloradovic


I had this issue many years ago but can’t remember the details. I think I solved it by getting a better audio interface. It was on Windows but I can’t remember which audio interface I was using at the time. It may have been a driver issue. (I wish everybody still had their computer equipment listed under their signature the way it was before. That helps when trying to solve problems)

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Which Mac OSX were you using, specifically?
Which audio hardware and drivers?

Please, be very specific. How many Macs, how many operating systems, how many different audio hardware?

I have been using Nuendo on my mac, and many other people on here too, they do not report this lagging playback issue.

We cannot help if you are too vague. Sounds like just ranting on Mac OSX.

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I have been Using Cubase since atari days and nuendo from v 1.0 on MAC & Windows and a big supporter of Steinberg products to my Protools & other DAW using professional peers. But I have to say, Nuendo 11 on my (Mac pro MAC OS 10.13.6.- 2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5. 128 Gigs Ram, UAD Apollo Quad2 Audio Interface), is absolutely disgracefully unstable, even with when using ONLY Steinberg Plugins. All types of problems, Loosing preferences & all Setting ,full Crashes, freezes & corrupt .nprs the likes I have never seen. For the first time i am really thinking of moving to something more usable DAW.
I am friends with a lot of the People at Steinberg/ Yamaha, they are great but NUENDO 11 SUCKS SO BAD for me.
Bobby Summerfield

Please don’t get mad at me for asking this. Are you using a legal copy of N11? N11 is one of the most stable Nuendo releases on both Mac and Windows. N10.5 was a nightmare for me but 11 rocked. For most users. If you are using a crack, does that have anything to do with why you can’t/won’t upgrade to N12? Asking respectfully. In the past (long long ago) I myself have used cracked softwares and plugins. And yes, I even asked for tech support, considering myself a future legal user.

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Hi Bobby,

Which exact version of Nuendo 11 are you using?

Sounds like some of the disk and file permissions may not be set correctly on your system. Also, what format is your audio drive set to? You are not recording and storing your sessions in the system drive, are you?

I recommend you use something like Onyx for Mac, and run it, to fix permissions. You also are not running the latest Mac OSX (you mention Mac pro MAC OS 10.13.6 - High Sierra) while most of us are already past that. In fact, Nuendo 11 is recommended on MONTEREY, which is newer Os than what you have (High Sierra).

I’d recommend upgrading to Monterey, or newer OSX.

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Hi Ted, HAHA , Yes I am using a Legal Copy, in fact I was given a whole suit of Stienberg Apps and Yamaha Hardware as a power user. I have a Lot of friends that work at the company.
Im glad you are having better luck than I. How many tracks are running?
I have close to 578.
Small projects it does ok at.

Hi No,
I am on 11.0.30 B 419 . I tried 11.0.40 and it just did not work? had to revert back, I cant upgrade my OSX for a few reasons, mostly old Plugs i use. I have an Internal SSD Partitioned for System and the other part is for Nuendo Projects. I’ll try Onyx. Thank You .

New Problem today, Snap to Grid for audio only wont work when audio is inside a folder track. its a large Session length 3 temp changes 6700 Bars so ive waisted another 4 hours trying to slip Audio back into sync, GRRRRRR . gonna pull the rip cord soon and go back to Nuendo 7, until 11 works for the real world.

I worked on a few songs recently that went 18+ minutes. Tempo changes galore. But I’m not sure I came close to your new record of 6700 bars! Unless your song is in 1/4? Smile.

Nuendo 7? That’s waaaa back.
Steinberg has been pretty good about stable releases. Like I’ve posted ad finitum in the past, Cubase 10.5 was an absolute disaster for me right out the gate. It never got better with each update, I backed up to Cubase 10 until Nuendo/Cubase 11 came out, which was great immediately.

“578 tracks”? I thought I recorded a lot of background vocals. Ha!

Bobby, if there’s anything I can help you with please DM me. I’m here if you need me.

Um, hate to break it to you, but that 11.0.40 was the last update they are going to do for Nuendo 11.

You could try two things: Update your old plug ins, if possible (I have some from FX Audio which they no longer update, so I run them on an older machine when I need them) Or, try a second system drive which is up to date, and run Nuendo 11 or 12 on it.

Are your old plug ins updatable?

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Hi Ted, Thank You .
I often do 3- 4 minute scores with 3 tempi versions in the same project with multiple sub mixes and lots of STEMS, so I can use batch export naming etc. All audio.

The large track count is my Scoring template of Mostly Vsti for Orch Mock ups.
Thanks for you offer to help,
Best Bobby

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Yeah I know 11. wont be updated, 12 is out. 11 is a new worst for me. as regards my System, Some Plugs can be updated some not, so I am staying were I am for now. may try Nu 10 to see if there is any better luck . FYI: my Co Writer has a New 2021 Mac Pro Cheese grater and MAC OSX and all new 64 bit Plugs and he has had a nightmare with NU 11 too. But 11 is history, good riddance I say. :wink:

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I hope 12 works better for you when you do end up upgrading.


Thank You Mate