Nuendo 11 and Dolby Atmos on Win10 and Thunderbolt does it work?

I have been using Nuendo 11 for some time now. I do audio 2.1 just stereo files for music. I was sort of curious what Dolby Atmos was.

I cannot even get past "To use the Dolby Atmos Renderer running internally this should set to the Dolby Audio Bridge "

Because the Dolby Audio Bridge does not show up on my system. I am using a Lynx Aurora N 32x32 interface with Thunderbolt. I see they say "To use the Dolby Atmos Renderer running externally on a dedicated RMW, this should be set to the MADI or Dante device. "

Does this seriously only work with Madi or Dante? There are so many limitations with Daunte and the audio work I chose Thunderbolt over that.

Is there a way to use Atmos without Dante or Madi?

I do not really need to use atmos in real life. I just really just wanted to experiment with it.

You should use the setup for the “native renderer” probably. I would recommend looking at the YouTube videos on this that Steinberg made.

Thanks, I will check that out.

On a side note. I used to use Cubase Pro. it came with a bunch of templates that I never used. Why does Nuendo not come with any templates. A set up temp for Atmos would be really handy.

I am using Nuendo 11 for Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 on Win 10 using thunderbolt to my UA Apollo interfaces in my home studio. Works fine.