Nuendo 11 and SL 7 Pro 'trap'

I recently mixed a film with Nuendo 11 and edited small portions of audio in SL7 Pro loaded as an Extension in Nuendo. Saved that project and recalled it next day. The particular audio was NOT played back and at first I didn’t know what happened. Took me some time to find our I had to disconnect these audio regions from SL7.
This is a big ‘trap’ IMO, especially when using SL7 Pro in very large projects (mine was several hundred tracks and roughly 100 min long). No warning, nothing …
(macOS 10.14.6)


I´m using Cubase 11 Pro with Spectralayer as an extension, and also have access to Nuendo 11 for the moment.

Exactly what steps did you take, and how did you later “disconnect” the regions? I can´t seem to find any reference to this in the manual.

I have tried importing an audio file and activating an extension to work on the file, and all edits and activated extensions stays the same after saving and reloading the project. Did you use events to regions, and was this part of the issue? It would be good to have a more elaborate step by step explanation to see if I´m able to reproduce.

Is the issue reproducable with any other extension, like Melodyne? In that case I think you´d get more help by posting in the Nuendo Forum as it is probably an issue with the ARA/extension implementation in general rather than Spectralayer. Nuendo/Cubase forums probably have more readers too who might be able to help out and reproduce the issue!

Best wishes