NUENDO 11 - Atmos 9.1.4 Speaker setup wrong?

Dear all,

today, I setup 9.1.4 output in Nuendo… I tried 7.1.4 output bus before and all was fine. Now, “upgrading” to 9.1.4 output bus, I find out, that the 2 additonal speakers are placed in between the Front Left - Center and Center - Front Right !? - Due to the Dolby setup sheet for 9.1.4 with overhead loudspeakers, the two additional speakers should appear in between Front Left - Side Left and Front Right - Side Right as “Front Wide Speakers”… So what’s going on here ? - Is Dolby wrong ? Or Steinberg ? - Also the speaker placement in panner, all speakers in one line along the front, is not what Dolby’s 9.1.4 setup should look like… See here: 9.1.4 Overhead Speaker Setup - Dolby compared to this:

Any solution to this ? - Or am I doing something wrong ? - Thanks for your help in advance, very appreciated !